Arts @OddFellows

 For over a decade, Art@OddFellows series featured unique exhibits each month of local arts presented by local artists.  Over 2,000 adults and thousands of local children & young people have been part of the series.  As many as 15,000 visitors each year enjoyed the shows and over $600,000 in sales meant local art found its way into homes near and far.  Funds have been raised for local concerns like Otsuchi Recovery, raising local food, Ocean issues, children's needs and much, much more. And music, poetry, writing, dance, film and more, have been woven in along with visual arts over the years. 

It all began by asking to borrow the space for one show... 

Thanks to the generosity of the owner, historic Odd Fellows hall, built in 1878, has been a magnificent community gathering place for all this! Now the owner's interest to sell means Art@OddFellows wrapped up in February 2018. 

"CREATIVE VOICES"  was the last show and included over 300 markers, age 5 to 75.  Exuberance of children's paper mache masks and team paintings, combine with the Women's March in placards & photos, stunning Harvest Coats of Susan B. Wood and several Flockworks emerging projects.  These diverse "voices" were the perfect ending, reflecting our dedication to creative community. 

Historic Odd Fellows hall, built in 1878, is one of Mendocino's most prominent buildings. It is two stories high with spectacular views over roof tops and out to the Mendocino Bay and headlands.  In modern history, this was home to the premier Art Gallery for 42 years, led by the Warren Zimmer and then son William, all during the rise of local Art scene. It is center piece to our Open-Door-Arts commitment.

Arts @ Odd Fellows began in 2007 with loan of this special building to allow groups of Artists to present special short-term exhibits.  Today, Flockworks facilitated this series of monthly exhibits with painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, photography, fine wood working, and much more. Artists themselves organize and host diverse and unique shows with music, readings, hands-on art and other happenings are sometimes added to the mix.   Historic Odd Fellows is located on Kasten and Ukiah Streets, one block up from Main Street.