Thursday, 26 March 2015

Opening Celebration of Noyo Printworks

On First Friday, April 3 from 5-8 pm please help celebrate the opening of Noyo Printworks, Located in the City Hall building, Franklin & Laurel Streets on the Laurel St side... right in the heart of Ft. Bragg. 

Noyo Printworks is a true community venture, relying on the contributions of many to become a reality.  Jonathan Palmer, artist, printmaker and arts educator (Mendocino College), brought up the idea last May--and things began to perk along from there.
The Boy's Locker Room of the old swimming complex attached to the City Hall has been transformed into a bright working studio ready to foster creative learning and practice in printmaking, letterpress and book arts.  City of Fort Bragg generously provided the space as a two-year incubator to enable Flockworks to begin this project.  

Laurel's "Elephant"... is the one-ton Vandercook Universal 1 Letterpress , circa 1963.  Laurel Moss, a writer and long-time Coast resident, acquired the Letterpress about 7 years ago, hoping to bring together writers and artists in creative work. It proved a bigger challenge than expected and the press, cabinets of moveable type, paper cutter, book binder and more waited in a shed.  Laurel's generous gift to Flockworks of the Letterpress and other equipment means the community will now have access and opportunity to learn to do creative work on this beautiful machine.  Whether setting type by hand or designs made in polymer plate, this opens a wide range of creative possibilities.

The Sturgess Etching press is on long-term loan and ready for intaglio, relief and mono printing.  A glass topped inking table was made and donated by Rob Mason. The double sink, shelving, rollers, brayers, work tables, chairs and more come from a variety of contributors. Inks, paper, cleaning supplies, and so forth round out the basic set up of the working Studio. Some things still needed include flat file, folding chairs, rolling carts, and old towels. Art materials like printing paper, lino cutters, brayers, inks and such can also add to the resources. In-kind and cash donations welcome.
Leadership and expertise are the last ingredients making Noyo Printworks a working reality.  Larry Thomas, Judy Detrick, Zida Borcich, Sandy Oppenheimer,  James Maxwell and others bring something experience to help shape the working framework, plus will offer future classes and workshops. The Working Studio Team includes Kathy Carl, Jonathan Palmer and Florence Ashford, with support of Janet Self, Flockworks Director, will lead on the hands-on studio time.  Others with proven experience in Letterpress, Printmaking and Book Arts will be added to the Studio Team.  Open Studio times, classes and workshops will welcome others into Studio work.  

This is a project of Flockworks, expanding the creative resources and opportunities in our community.  If you would like to be added to our email list, contact us at And stay tuned as we create new websites and other outreach for Flockworks and the new Noyo Printworks.


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Plein Air @ Odd Fellows

Slice of Jug Handle, by Suzi Long
Plein Air Painters of Mendocino annual Whale Festival show ~ Mendocino

A special feature of the Annual Whale Festival is the Plein Air exhibit of beautiful works in oil, pastel and acrylic from all parts of our north coast every week.  16 local artists bring out their best, hosting visitors to this wonderful exhibit.   And when you are on coastal trails, look for painters at work out in the fresh air.  

The Exhibit is at the historic Odd Fellows in Mendocino (corner of Kasten & Ukian Streets) and is open Friday to Sunday, 11-6pm.  Opening Artist Party is March 14, 5-8 and part of the Mendocino 2nd Saturday Art events.
Participating Plein Air Artists include:
Eleanor Harvey
Agnes Woolsey
Maeve Croghan
Lynn Cyrilla Crutcher
Claire Fortier
Carolyn Hagopjan
Mary Ann Nation
Deb Nord
Jurate Seputa
Bob Nation
Suzi Long  
Micaela Marsden
Cornelia Gerken
Pat Jones
John Hewitt
Jim Stallings

The exhibit can also be viewed by appointment with Suzi Long 707.937.5664--- Suzi's Water Tower Gallery is adjacent to the Odd Fellows.

Inside the Plein Air Painters of Mendocino by Suzi Marquess Long, Artist
The term en plein air is a French expression which means “In the Open Air” and is used to describe painting in the outside environment rather than in a studio. Alfresco means the same in English, but in Italian, the term al fresco means in jail or simply cool air. Thanks, Wikipedia!

We definitely have lots of cool air here, but “in the open air” is where the PAPM (Plein Air Painters of Mendocino) are happiest. The incredible natural light, the fresh ocean breeze and negative ions in the atmosphere all combine to make perfect conditions for outdoor painting.

The PAPM are an unstructured group of people who like to paint outside and capture nature in the moment. We try to allocate two Thursday afternoons a month to the same location so we have a chance to finish an oil, or make two pastels, or have a rain day and still have a day to get to “that spot” together. We live near the coast and usually paint the sea, but in autumn we travel into the Anderson and Alexander Valleys to capture the fall colors of grapes, apple trees, and barns. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

NEXUS...Odd Fellows in February

NEXUS... February 5 – March 1, Thursdays – Sundays, 11 am – 5 pm

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 14, 5 pm – 8 pm

Nexus Exhibition 

Nexus is an exhibition hosted by the Artists-in-Residence (AIRs) of the Mendocino Art Center. The show is intended to illuminate our connectivity as artisans and colleagues exhibiting contemporary work in clay, fibers, mixed media, painting, sculpture, photography and metal.

The exhibit features artwork by the Mendocino Art Centers AIRs: Molly Allen,  Mary Ellen-Campbell, Mimi Carroll,  Mitch Iburg, Jessica Kanaley, and Bonnie Lammar.  Other talented Mendocino Coast artists include: Karen Bowers,  Kathy Carl, Nancy Chin, Mickey Fernandez, Charal Hatfield, Lizzie Helbig, Evan Hobart, Mark Jager, Mickie McCormic, Don Paglia, Gert Rasmussen, Arlene Reiss, Robert Rhoades, Moss Rock, Valerie Rose Rodes, Chris Shook, Nick Schwartz, and Flor Widmar.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Creative Space offers Special Treats...Last Weekend

Amazing creations from 250 students of Mendocino K-8...

Flockworks' exhibit...Creative Space... profiles some special student projects plus some other amazing artistsThis is the last weekend to see this lively show.

Donate to add to the Mendocino K-8 Materials Fund and Flockworks will match your gift.    

Blue Whale bones, from Noyo Center for Marine Science

Identity Masks from AVID students, Ft Bragg Middle School.
Try Angle Project from Noyo, Light House, Shelter Cover & FB HS Students.
Blue Door...Mendocino Coast Clinic.

Friday, 2 January 2015

CREATIVE SPACE...Opens January 8

The first exhibit of the 2015 Odd Fellows series "Creative Space", opens January 8...with opening events on 2nd Saturday, January 10.  Children and families will be hosted from 3:00 to 4:30, while Opening Artist Party is set for 5 to 8pm.

Creative Space is  a celebration of the imagination and freedom that fosters creativity.  

Featured is work by James Maxwell that offers a year’s study out his window onto Pudding Creek, in all seasons, light and time of day.  Paintings on canvas are presented as ‘skins’, unframed and simply hung on the walls as they were completed. The work is powerful and inspiring.  

Other elements in the show include imaginative assemblage works by Hans Bruhner, Painted Bones by Marie Jones (better known as the Director of Community Development for City of Fort Bragg), Windows and Doors by Ariela Marshall, Paintings by Spencer O’Karma and mixed media works by Tibisay Geis.  

Youthful energies come full force from 250 paper mache creations by students of Mendocino k-8 School, masks from AVID students of Ft. Bragg Middle School and a special project from Noyo & Light House Schools in Ft. Bragg.   Blue Whale Bones from the Noyo Center for Marine Science will also be on display as well as a Flockworks installation exploring creative spaces.  

Creative Space also celebrates the historic Odd Fellows Hall itself, as we kick-off the 9 year of our Art@ Odd Fellow community series hosted in this amazing gallery space.  Since 2007, over 2,500 adults and 4,000 children have been part of this special project.  Historic Odd Fellows is located at the corner of Kasten & Ukiah Streets in Mendocino. Exhibit is open January 8 to January 26, Thursday to Sunday from 11-5pm


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

From Barrier to Beauty...

Noyo and Lighthouse High Schools in Ft Bragg are alternatives to the traditional Ft Bragg High School.  The campus is small, with portable modules surrounding a courtyard.  The complex is surrounded by chain link fencing that gives the school a harsh institutional look.  

At the school's request, we were invited in to undertake an experimental mural project.  The focus was to transform the fence and change the look of the school. The idea was an abstract exploration of oceans using a large-scale, open process that all students could be involved in.  We explored the flow of water.  Painting was done with acrylic paints on large sheets of tyvek--a very strong, flexible surface.  The paintings would later by cut up and woven directly into the chain link fence.


Together with 40 some students, we spent a bright afternoon working outside to create the mural panels. The process was fun, lively, blustery and satisfying. We used long-handled rollers, and brushes, and bright acrylic paints.  Everyone got involved.  From set up to clean up, the day was fun and the results were great.  A few days later, we cut up the paintings into long strips and woven three panels directly into the chain link fence in front of the school. 

It definitely changed the look of thing. Now rather than a barrier, the fence is transformed with an intriguing splash of color and line.  

The process worked well...the students had fun with the painting process and the weaving was a satisfying joint effort.

We learned some good things and there are a lot of chair link fences out in the world just waiting to be transformed.

A new Creative Community Door opening soon... Noyo PRINTworks!

Flockworks:  building community through creativity. 

You know our community exhibit series at Odd Fellows, and the murals and other creative work we do with children & young people!  In a new Flockworks initiative, we are launching a community creative space centered around printmaking, letterpress and book arts.  This  artist led  venture called Noyo PRINTworks will be located in the heart of Ft Bragg on Laurel street and will  provide opportunities  to  teach,  learn,  share and create in a professional setting with quality equipment and materials.  Is this a flock you want to be part of?  

Here's what Noyo PRINTworks will offer:

* Open Studio nights for letterpress, art printmaking, and book arts.  
* Demonstrations, events, and special activity sessions.  
* Workshops and classes for learning in letterpress, printmaking methods, and book arts.  
* Advanced, self-directed work in letterpress, print, and book arts for program associates.  
* Special workshops and hands-on activities for children and young people.
Here is the Leadership Team helping make this happen: 
  • Judy Detrick: artist, designer, calligrapher, retired instructor in graphic design, teacher at San Francisco Center for the Book , 
  • Larry Thomas: artist, printmaker, retired professor and Dean of the SF Art Institute,  
  • Jonathan Palmer: artist, printmaker, Art Faculty of Mendocino College, Ft. Bragg and Ukiah,
  • James Maxwell artist, writer, retired instructor in Art, 
  • Florence (Florie) Ashford: graphic designer, letterpress artist, 
  • Kathy Carl: artist, printmaker, graphic designer, business owner, FLOCKworks Board,  
  • Judy Tarbell: artist, wood worker, former owner of Black Bear Press
  • Zida Borcich: letterpress and graphic designer, business owner, publisher,  
  • Maureen Eppstein: poet/writer, retired Executive Director of the Mendocino Coast Writers╩╝ Conference,
  • Sandy Oppenheimer: artist
  • Janet Self: community artist, Executive Director of Flockworks  
Community Support & Donations:   The space for this community studio, located on Laurel Street in the former Rec Center, is donated by the City of Ft. Bragg. Donated equipment includes: Vandercook letterpress, cabinets of type and related book making equipment, etching press, inks, paper, and essential elements to make a working studio. Tax-deductible donations and other in-kind support are welcome.

 If you want to know more and be part of this flock, let us know.  
We are planning to an opening party in early February!