Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Creative Space offers Special Treats...Last Weekend

Amazing creations from 250 students of Mendocino K-8...

Flockworks' exhibit...Creative Space... profiles some special student projects plus some other amazing artistsThis is the last weekend to see this lively show.

Donate to add to the Mendocino K-8 Materials Fund and Flockworks will match your gift.    

Blue Whale bones, from Noyo Center for Marine Science

Identity Masks from AVID students, Ft Bragg Middle School.
Try Angle Project from Noyo, Light House, Shelter Cover & FB HS Students.
Blue Door...Mendocino Coast Clinic.

Friday, 2 January 2015

CREATIVE SPACE...Opens January 8

The first exhibit of the 2015 Odd Fellows series "Creative Space", opens January 8...with opening events on 2nd Saturday, January 10.  Children and families will be hosted from 3:00 to 4:30, while Opening Artist Party is set for 5 to 8pm.

Creative Space is  a celebration of the imagination and freedom that fosters creativity.  

Featured is work by James Maxwell that offers a year’s study out his window onto Pudding Creek, in all seasons, light and time of day.  Paintings on canvas are presented as ‘skins’, unframed and simply hung on the walls as they were completed. The work is powerful and inspiring.  

Other elements in the show include imaginative assemblage works by Hans Bruhner, Painted Bones by Marie Jones (better known as the Director of Community Development for City of Fort Bragg), Windows and Doors by Ariela Marshall, Paintings by Spencer O’Karma and mixed media works by Tibisay Geis.  

Youthful energies come full force from 250 paper mache creations by students of Mendocino k-8 School, masks from AVID students of Ft. Bragg Middle School and a special project from Noyo & Light House Schools in Ft. Bragg.   Blue Whale Bones from the Noyo Center for Marine Science will also be on display as well as a Flockworks installation exploring creative spaces.  

Creative Space also celebrates the historic Odd Fellows Hall itself, as we kick-off the 9 year of our Art@ Odd Fellow community series hosted in this amazing gallery space.  Since 2007, over 2,500 adults and 4,000 children have been part of this special project.  Historic Odd Fellows is located at the corner of Kasten & Ukiah Streets in Mendocino. Exhibit is open January 8 to January 26, Thursday to Sunday from 11-5pm


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

From Barrier to Beauty...

Noyo and Lighthouse High Schools in Ft Bragg are alternatives to the traditional Ft Bragg High School.  The campus is small, with portable modules surrounding a courtyard.  The complex is surrounded by chain link fencing that gives the school a harsh institutional look.  

At the school's request, we were invited in to undertake an experimental mural project.  The focus was to transform the fence and change the look of the school. The idea was an abstract exploration of oceans using a large-scale, open process that all students could be involved in.  We explored the flow of water.  Painting was done with acrylic paints on large sheets of tyvek--a very strong, flexible surface.  The paintings would later by cut up and woven directly into the chain link fence.


Together with 40 some students, we spent a bright afternoon working outside to create the mural panels. The process was fun, lively, blustery and satisfying. We used long-handled rollers, and brushes, and bright acrylic paints.  Everyone got involved.  From set up to clean up, the day was fun and the results were great.  A few days later, we cut up the paintings into long strips and woven three panels directly into the chain link fence in front of the school. 

It definitely changed the look of thing. Now rather than a barrier, the fence is transformed with an intriguing splash of color and line.  

The process worked well...the students had fun with the painting process and the weaving was a satisfying joint effort.

We learned some good things and there are a lot of chair link fences out in the world just waiting to be transformed.

A new Creative Community Door opening soon... Noyo PRINTworks!

Flockworks:  building community through creativity. 

You know our community exhibit series at Odd Fellows, and the murals and other creative work we do with children & young people!  In a new Flockworks initiative, we are launching a community creative space centered around printmaking, letterpress and book arts.  This  artist led  venture called Noyo PRINTworks will be located in the heart of Ft Bragg on Laurel street and will  provide opportunities  to  teach,  learn,  share and create in a professional setting with quality equipment and materials.  Is this a flock you want to be part of?  

Here's what Noyo PRINTworks will offer:

* Open Studio nights for letterpress, art printmaking, and book arts.  
* Demonstrations, events, and special activity sessions.  
* Workshops and classes for learning in letterpress, printmaking methods, and book arts.  
* Advanced, self-directed work in letterpress, print, and book arts for program associates.  
* Special workshops and hands-on activities for children and young people.
Here is the Leadership Team helping make this happen: 
  • Judy Detrick: artist, designer, calligrapher, retired instructor in graphic design, teacher at San Francisco Center for the Book , 
  • Larry Thomas: artist, printmaker, retired professor and Dean of the SF Art Institute,  
  • Jonathan Palmer: artist, printmaker, Art Faculty of Mendocino College, Ft. Bragg and Ukiah,
  • James Maxwell artist, writer, retired instructor in Art, 
  • Florence (Florie) Ashford: graphic designer, letterpress artist, 
  • Kathy Carl: artist, printmaker, graphic designer, business owner, FLOCKworks Board,  
  • Judy Tarbell: artist, wood worker, former owner of Black Bear Press
  • Zida Borcich: letterpress and graphic designer, business owner, publisher,  
  • Maureen Eppstein: poet/writer, retired Executive Director of the Mendocino Coast Writers╩╝ Conference,
  • Sandy Oppenheimer: artist
  • Janet Self: community artist, Executive Director of Flockworks  
Community Support & Donations:   The space for this community studio, located on Laurel Street in the former Rec Center, is donated by the City of Ft. Bragg. Donated equipment includes: Vandercook letterpress, cabinets of type and related book making equipment, etching press, inks, paper, and essential elements to make a working studio. Tax-deductible donations and other in-kind support are welcome.

 If you want to know more and be part of this flock, let us know. flockworks1@gmail.com  
We are planning to an opening party in early February!

Friday, 24 October 2014

That's a PRINT...Last weekend

The work of twelve local printmakers takes you through a mini-exploration of printmaking:  etching, drypoint, serigraph, lithograph, wood block, lino cut, mono print, screened pulp print, collograph and more.  This is the last weekend to enjoy this intimate exhibit...  Nicholas Collins hosts Saturday 11-5. On Sunday from Noon to 3, Janet Self welcomes visitors.   In Mendocino at FLOCKworks Studio, next to the historic Odd Fellows... (with the WORKING ARTISTS exhibit... open this final weekend.)


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Come see my Etchings...

Etching, drypoint, collograph, lithograph, lino cut, wood block, relief, intaglio, serigraph, silk screen, pulp print, monoprint... see this wide array of techniques.

Contemporary local print makers share their delight in line and ink... Anne Beck, Kathy Carl, Tim Carmondy, Nicholas Collins, Rob Mason, Jonathan Palmer, Robert Rhoades, Janet Self and Larry Thomas.  Nikolas Kozak adds his assemblage work to the outdoor patio as well as sharing his photographic view of "old" Mendocino--1966-67. Serigraph works by Dorr Bothwell (1902 to 2000) add another special touch from the past.   

FLOCKworks Studio, 10460 Kasten St, next to Odd Fellows hall, hosts PRINTworks. Show is open Thursday to Sunday 11 to 5pm, with Opening Party Saturday October 11 4-7pm. 


Dorr Bothwell photo
Dorr Bothwell
"I follow straws in the wind, and that's how I came to Mendocino. A friend of mine from art school, whom I hadn't seen for twenty five years, recommended me to Bill Zacha. I was busy, so I recommended Hilda Pertha to Bill, and she came...later I taught a summer course at the Art Center and fell in love with the place. All the wood, for example, really excited me, the wonderful gray wooden fences. I did a whole series of close-ups of the wood, all the grains and knotholes, and when it was shown in San Francisco, it sold out. The very tempo of living here has influenced my art. I think there is a magic in this place, something very special that people call a kind of 'power center'..." - Dorr Bothwell, Arts & Entertainment Magazine, Mendocino, California, May 1989

Monday, 8 September 2014


Exquisite pine needle baskets by Carolyn Zeitler are paired with Janet Self's Woven Painting series to create a delightful exhibit called "SISTERS IN WEAVE".  The combination invites a new appreciation for the essentials of a woven surface.  

In addition, enjoy outdoor assemblage works by Nikolas Kozak, using simple materials to create imaginative constructs plus the work of 3 Japanese Artists, Tokio Oda, Gen Hashiba Shiro Kasai from the Miasa Mendocino Sister City ArtExchange.  

The Opening Second Saturday Event, September 13 from 5-7pm is an intimate chance to meet and talk with the artists.

Carolyn Zeitler, the Archivist for the Kelley House Museum, has been crafting her pine needle baskets since the 1970s.  Made with Coulter pine needles from a special area near Big Sur, Carolyn makes an annual trip to collect pine needles for her work.  Janet Self, Director of FLOCKworks which leads the Odd Fellows Community Art Series, offers up a unique approach to both painting and weaving with this series.  Acrylic on paper is woven together creating new texture and pattern; each square of the weave becomes an element in the design, with an exploration flow into the surrounding squares.  Zeitler & Self have been friends since 1992, when they met at a PTA meeting in the Sierra Foothills.

SISTERS IN WEAVE will be open weekends 11-5:00 through September at FLOCKworks Studio, 10460 Kasten St, the little yellow building next to the historic Odd Fellows hall in Mendocino.