Friday, 5 February 2016

February @OddFellows


February @Odd Fellows  brings together 12 experienced artists into an exuberant exhibit with paintings, drawings, textile, and sculpture in ceramics, stone and wire.   The Show is open February 4 to 28th, Thursday to Monday 11-5.

Sunday February 7th stop by to enjoy a special performance by Holly Tannen with humorous songs about Mendocino life. Performance from 2-4pm.  Free.

Gala Artist Opening is Saturday February 13 from 4-7pm, part of Mendocino 2nd Saturday.

Art@Odd Fellows is located at the corner of Kasten & Ukiah Streets in Mendocino Village. See you there! 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

MAKING SPACE...An Exhibit Celebrating Community

Just a taste of this rich mix of amazing work by children & adults you will see.  Our show is Flockworks Annual Report to the Community as we kick off the 2016 community series and 10th year of Art@OddFellows... Kasten & Ukiah Streets in Mendocino. The exhibit is open 11-5 pm on Thursday to Sunday through the end of January.    Bring your imagination, bring the kids and invite your friends.  It will bring smiles, as you see the power of creativity, that is alive and well in our community.   

Special thanks to teacher Mark Oatney, for the art from Students of Mendocino K-8 School, Noyo Center for Marine Science, Print makers of Noyo Printworks, Students from Shelter Cove School in Ft Bragg, and other amazing artists who have shared their works! 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

MAKING SPACE: An Art Exhibit

Kick off an Artful New Year with "Making Space" Featuring the work of over 150(!) art makers of all ages, this is truly a creative celebration!  Masks, Ocean Celebration, Print Making Magic, Boxed Surprise, and other Unexpected Voices! 

Saturday January 9th

Family Welcome... 3-4:30pm

Artist Talk:  Inspired Learning!  4-5pm

Community Celebration ... 5-8pm

 The exhibit will be open Thursday to Sunday from January 9 to January 31 from 11-5:30

Other Special Events during the month:

Ocean Celebration: Art & Science
Saturday January 16, 4-5pm 

Hands-On Make-It Days!...with Fish Prints, Print making and other artful fun!
Donations appreciated .  Children & families welcome! 

  • Sunday January 17th ...noon to 4pm
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Monday January 18th...noon to 4pm 

Artist talk:  Art of Living!   Janet Self explores how creativity shapes experience and colors the nature of community. 
  • Saturday January 30th 4-5pm

MAKING SPACE kicks off the 2016 OddFellows exhibits;  it also begins Flockworks' 10th year leading this unique community art series.  Thanks to the generosity of the building's owner, each month a different group configures and hosts  a special show of the rich and diverse arts in our community.  Paintings, Textiles, Books Arts, Fine Furniture & Wood work, Ceramics, and much much more...   

Friday, 1 January 2016

Art Shapes Learning

At first glance, this classroom scene could make anyone nervous. Yet the teacher is far from anxious, in fact she’s in the middle of things: paint is everywhere, with students wielding brushes and palettes, working on multiple surfaces at once. In this lively act of creation, not destruction, students are engrossed, mixing colors and experimenting with technique. Rules are simple:  ‘respect the materials and one another’s artwork.’ With freshly-painted canvases propped up against windows, on desks and tables, it seems more gallery than a typical classroom.

This is the Shelter Cove Community School classroom, at the Alternative Education campus in Fort Bragg. The art materials, along with conceptual support, are supplied by Flockworks.  How is this different than any other art class? Mainly because this isn’t an art class and it can occur at any time of day, during almost any subject. Along with the usual textbooks and worksheets, science, geography and history are expanded into the tactile realm of creative arts. A length of raw canvas features swirls and splatters overlaid with hand-drawn schematic of a hydrogen molecule chain. A round of wood becomes a cross-cut of the Earth’s layers. The students are making sea creatures, specifically those found in local coastal waters, from a messy plaster substance. Ranging in age from ten to fourteen, many spend their free time fishing, and have taught their teacher, Ariela Marshall about the finer points of local marine life.

Marshall, in her first year as core lesson teacher, brings her prior experience as a crisis counselor and youth worker where creative arts were used as a medium for conflict resolution. While researching restorative justice for her Master’s thesis, Marshall volunteered in San Quentin prison in San Rafael, and served a Summer internship working with incarcerated gang members in Pollsmoor Prison, South Africa. In both cases, art and self-expression were central to her work. Currently, in the Shelter Cove classroom, Marshall draws on students’ own knowledge and interests to promote creative opportunities for learning.

Studies have shown increasing evidence that learning through doing (physical learning) helps accelerate and solidify the absorption of new information, particularly for students with learning and behavioral challenges.  Charles Fowler, an esteemed advocate for arts in education, wrote, “the arts humanize the curriculum while affirming the interconnectedness of all forms of knowing. They are a powerful means to improve general education." 

Students at Shelter Cove often face considerable adversity in their lives, and struggle with motivation and focus. The tactile experience through arts gives them a dynamic and flexible way to engage with learning. They bring their own strengths, and work in their own time, in a safe environment. A natural reinforcement happens as they recreate a lesson through art. “The process, in this case, is far more important than the product. The act of figuring out what you’re doing as you go can be a potent means of growth, both cognitively and emotionally,” says Marshall.  A current board member of Flockworks, she’d witnessed the transformative power of art and wanted to ensure creative opportunities continued on the Mendocino coast. “Kids start to think differently about themselves when they engage in these artistic processes,” said Marshall.

Artwork by the students at Shelter Cove will be shown in the January 2016 OddFellows’ show called “Making Space” opening Saturday, January 9th, 2016.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Surprise “YES!” to Community Arts

When you “ask” for something, it may be a real surprise where it leads.  When I asked to borrow a space for one art exhibit, the owner said “OK". "How about two exhibits?  What if we helped make a series of community exhibits happen?”  From that surprise “YES” a decade ago, a whole new path opened.  Flockworks was formed, with Board, bylaws and all, as a nonprofit framework to support community arts initiatives.   In 2007, the community Art series called Art@OddFellows in Mendocino began.

1,000 Prayer Project by Larry Thomas
To use this premier space, formerly the Zimmer Gallery, Flockworks set up lights, insurance, phone lines, credit card system, seller permits, and more. Our first exhibit featured the Mendocino Figure Drawing Collective, then led by beloved local artist Bill Martin.  The second exhibit that kicked off Mendocino Audubon Society’s “Save Our Shore Birds” research project featured 340 children’s drawings and paintings of local birds.  The response was terrific and things took off from there with each month organized and hosted by a different group of local artists and the entire project run by volunteers.  
Web of Remembrance Installation
 Mural begins at Redwood School.
Flockworks’ focus on children’s creativity began in 2008 with a class visit to OddFellows.  As part of their trip, the children helped create a large abstract painting that was later sold in another exhibit. They voted to use funds to make art banners to hang on the construction fences that surrounded the Mendocino k-8 School during major renovation. Since then, more than 400 banners, 16 large scale murals, in-class art, special projects, and community events have happened.  Art by children is included in exhibits and families visit the gallery and in settings like the CV Starr Center, the Senior Center, Harvest Market, Noyo Food Forest and the Coast Trail. All of these venues host major art pieces created with local children.  Thanks to the AD Abramson Grant for Public Art from the Community Foundation of Mendocino, a new mural will be completed in the Mendocino k-8 School gym this year.  

In November, Art Explorers, the creative arts program for adults with developmental disabilities, hosts their 9th annual exhibit at OddFellows, (weekends through November 29).  The December exhibit celebrates the life, art and music of John Chamberlin.  Overall, 2,500 local adults and 5,000 children have been part of 110 shows in the Arts@Odd Fellows series.  Annually, more than 12,000 visitors from all over the world enjoy the exhibits and art sales from these shows contribute directly to the local economy. This volunteer artist initiative has become a vibrant gathering place for community creativity and spurred collaborations among artists and other groups.  Our modest percentage (15%) from sales fosters seed funds for other community initiatives.  

Noyo Printworks is our new community studio in Fort Bragg led by volunteer artists. Noyo Printworks is dedicated to learning, teaching and practicing letterpress, printmaking and book arts. Gifts of equipment got things rolling and the City of Fort Bragg gave unused space to incubate this start-up. Since doors opened in April 2015, the response has been terrific.  Nearly 200 people signed up to participate. The space hosts visitors each First Friday Art Walk, workshops on printmaking and Studio Groups meet regularly cultivating creative projects.    

“Bones & Beyond: An Ocean Celebration” is part of a growing partnership with the Noyo Center for Marine Science. Combining art and science, outreach activities with schools, exhibits and special events, this collaboration is already proving to be fruitful..  Sheila Semans, Director for the Noyo Center, says “ Working with Flockworks adds so much to how we can engage locals and visitors of all ages in caring for our oceans and sea life.”   

Flockworks weaves community collaboration into everything. Events like Stone Soup or Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund 21st Anniversary bring arts together to strengthen the sense of “community” and address important local concerns. Creative support for Mendocino Film Festival, the Noyo Food Forest, Leadership Mendocino, Coast Youth Soccer, Mendocino Coast Clinic, Safe Passages, MAPA, Mendocino Land Trust, local schools and others, has been visible with banners, murals, exhibits, installations, painted faces, crafts and more.

Flockworks’ accomplishments have all been done with volunteer time, minimal resources and an unwavering willingness to say “yes” whenever someone has asked.  Now, after ten years, the challenge is to make this sustainable.  Added time and expertise is essential.  We simply can’t do it all with volunteer time alone any longer. 

For the very first time, we are asking for community help to continue this work.  We are making our first financial appeal this Winter, planning a March Art-A-Thon and fundraising through grants to enable Flockworks to continue to say “YES” to community creativity.  

We invite your support...Your donation to Flockworks will make a difference.

Click here to Make a Gift by Pay Pal with our thanks! 
Or we love to get mail... Flockworks PO Box 1603 Mendocino, CA 95460

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Community Art Walks... Out & About

A special delight of our artful community is how we celebrate local arts & artists in our various Art Walks:  Come out & join in...

Fort Bragg 1st Friday (November 6) Art Walk around town...a few "not to miss".
October 1st Friday @ Noyo Printworks

Drop into Noyo Printworks (215 Laurel St) for new works & inky fun;  

Explore mixed media work by Dayle Doroshow around the corner at Visit Mendocino on Franklin St.

Pacific Textile Arts, 450 Alger St is featuring Judy Detrick's Calligraphy Study Group. 

And of course, Edgewater, NorthCoast Artists, Partners, Headlands, Tim Carmody, and more along Main, Laurel and Franklin... 

Mendocino 2nd Saturday is November 14th 

Art Explorers hosts their annual exhibit @ OddFellows "Home, Home on the Coast" with delightful work by 20 artists. 

Flockworks Studio next door hosts a BOOK ARTS mini-workshop from 2-4pm enjoy works by 12 local artists in an evening viewing.  

On Main Street, Highlight Gallery celebrates the Joy of Giving ...And Gallery Books is open too!

At the Mendocino Art Center, JoAnn Humphrey offers a lively new body of work "Under the Influence"  with new paintings, collage, sculpture, and jewelry.  

Lynne Butler & Julie Higgins exhibit over at Stanford Inn.

Lots of possibilities, lots to celebrate!

Friday, 30 October 2015

Celebrating the Oceans...

Bring your imagination, then "swim" through a kelp forest into a lively celebration of our oceans.  

Inspired by the Day of the Dead, the Celebration invites visitors to consider the life around us in our oceans.  

Tie on a memory to the Remembrance Web.

Explore altars to sea lions, sardines, and other sea life.  

Consider one rib of our Blue Whale... Immense, beautiful, curving.

Take a moment and consider our oceans...

Come join us Sunday November 1, 12-3:30 at Ft Bragg Town Hall ... and then meet at the south end park (enter through Cypress gate off highway 1) for the Processional Walk and Ocean Blessing on the South Coastal Trail.

Discovery through Science and Art...

Unleash imagination to gain new understanding of the world around us... 

A working collaboration of Noyo Center for Marine Science and Flockworks, fostering artful community.

Fast facts...

97% of the water on our earth is in our oceans...

71% of the earth's surface is covered by our ocean.

An estimated 50-80% of all life on earth is found under the ocean surface and the oceans contain 99% of the living space on the planet.

The blue whale, Balaenoptera musculus, is the largest known animal ever to have lived on sea or land. Individuals can reach more than 110 feet and weigh nearly 200 tons, more than the weight of 50 adult elephants. The blue whale's blood vessels are so broad that a full-grown trout could swim through them, and the vessels serve a heart the size of a small car.

A group of herring is called a seige. A group of jelly fish is called a smack.

Life began in the seas 3.1 billion to 3.4 billion years ago. Land dwellers appeared 400 million years ago, a relatively recent point in the geologic time line."OCEAN PLANET" MARINE LIFE FACTS from the Smithsonian