Monday, 10 March 2014

TIme flies...

Sometimes TIME JUST FLIES...  How did we get here to MARCH 2014?   Time to catch up a bit!
Right now at Odd Fellows Hall, Plein Air Painters of Mendocino kicked off their annual exhibit as part of the Mendocino Coast Whale Festival... Weekends thru April 6 at the corner of Kasten & Ukiah Streets.

Odd Fellows in February had a rich and  lively show with the new blood in Artists-in-Residence from the Mendocino Art Center and friends they've made in town.   ... 

The year at Odd Fellows includes FLOCKworks' Book Arts in May, Anderson Valley Artists in June,  Fine Furniture in July, Comptche Artists in August, Potluck Ceramics in September, FLOCKworks "Watershed" mixed media in October and Art Explorers in November...

Other FLOCKworks projects include Ft. Bragg Middle School 7th Grade AVID Class--artful explorations inspired by Wayne Theibaud, Ruth Asawa, Joseph Cornell and others.  Creative Outreach with teens with AmeriCorp member Diane Ruebin for the Mendocino Coast Clinic's Teen Clinic: WHAT DOES LOVE MEAN TO YOU? project at Ft Bragg High School engaged over 300 teens in one lunch hour session. Thanks to Redwood Parents Club, "A Place to Shine" Mural at Redwood School in Ft Bragg is done, with an all-school Mural planned for April.  A Children BOOK making project is about to kick-off with invitations out to Coast schools.  Earth Day at Noyo Food Forest will include another FLOCKworks open-participation mural adding to the fun!  FLOCKworks' Studio Group has been an open bi-weekly gathering of creativity since last fall!

All good, and so on we fly! 
Noyo Food Forest Garden Manager Gowan Batist with AmeriCorp front of our Food Forest Mural created at 2013 EarthDay.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Meet the ART EXPLORERS...Last Weekend

 A lively, wonderful exhibit by the Art Explorers... but you have only this last weekend... 

THANKSGIVING WEEKEND Friday through Sunday...drop in and enjoy!  

Stand-up and meet the Explorers one by one... Fun, delightful addition.  Great art, cards and much more!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hearts Auction...Wrap up

It is nearly 'a wrap'...our silent auction of 21 Hearts inspired Art panels created by 21 well-loved Mendocino Artists all to benefit the Mendocino Coast Children's Fund. Auction is part of "ABSTRACTION" exhibit, Open Door Arts @ Odd Fellows... Corner of Kasten & Ukiah St, Mendocino Village...

Friday November 1 is the last day to put in your bid...Bidding began at $50...and will close at noon. Here are just a few of the wonderful panels...  Give us a call 707-937-2486 and we'll take your bid.  

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Art with Heart...

There is something so pure, and clear about art done by young children.  Bring together the art work of 1,200 young ones, pre-school to early elementary, and the result rings with a simple energy of what it is to be a child...hopeful, open and ready to do your best.  The project is called the "HEARTS OF CHILDREN".

It brings us all back to something we share in common, our own 'child'...

How does this fit in with rather sophisticated abstract art? Surprisingly, very well.

In the beautiful space of Odd Fellows upstairs room, with arching ceiling, glorious airy light and beautiful views, the combination of this 'innocent' installation and other beautiful art works, adding character and interest to each element. 

A series of paintings by Helen Troxel explore color and subtle lines.  A meditative painting and wood combination by Masako Arito.  Prints with drawings by Jonathan Palmer, collage by Sue Siskin, print by Bob Rhoades, paintings by Karen Bowers, Arlene Reiss, and Janet Self and a series of small mixed media pieces by Mina Cohen.  

The result is a lively "conversation" about color, line, space, intention and creativity.  

Definitely worth the climb!

'abstractions' exhibit, upstairs and down, will fill Odd Fellows through November 2; open daily 11-5pm.

Celebration Party is 2nd Saturday October 12th from 5-8pm.  

COME & visit.

HEARTS OF CHILDREN is a special FLOCKworks project undertaken to celebrate the Mendocino Coast Children's Fund's 21-years meeting essential needs of children & their families on the Mendocino Coast.

Thanks to the teachers of 50 classes from 12 schools for making possible the participation of 1,200 of our youngest children.

Photographs are by Cynthia Gair, dear friend and FLOCKworks Board member.