Saturday, 20 June 2015

Art & Soul...@OddFellows

An exhibit of Spiritual & Socially Conscious Art.

14 local artists share their spiritually inspired work, PLUS a multi-media EXPO presenting Hopeful News about momentous events now transforming our world.

Charlie Hochberg ~ Chris Boersma Smith ~ Ellen Witherite ~ Erin Severi ~ Gene North ~ Jack Gilmour ~ Janie Rezner ~ Katherine Lewis ~ Kim Howland ~ Laura Pope ~ Maire Palme ~ Marvin Schenck ~ Nancy Chinn ~ Nancy MacLeod                                                                 

Open 10:30 am -5 pm (Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

Odd Fellows Gallery, Kasten at Ukiah Sts., Mendocino

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Studio Groups Begin at Noyo Printworks

Ready to get hands-on in the Studio? 

Studio Groups in Letterpress, Printmaking and Mono Printing provide the opportunity to explore work in your area of interest.  Supportive setting with expertise, equipment and materials fosters work on individual projects. Create a Poetry Broadside. Print an edition of a new drypoint plate.  Experiment with mono printing by hand and with a press.  

Each group will reflect the interests and experience of the participants. Studio leader will provide expertise and support.  Open to all, beginner to expert, for those who want to learn and practice in a professional Studio environment. 5 Week session for $100 each group.  Space is limited; new groups, and days may be added.  

Printmakers Studio Group: Tuesdays 11:00-4:00 from June 23 for 5 weeks   For artists who want to progress their knowledge and practice of printing on Sturges etching press as well as hand-rubbing of relief plates (linoleum, woodblock). This is an opportunity for experienced printmakers to enjoy the environment of a shared space rather than working alone. Kathy Carl, experienced printmaker, will be on hand to offer support as needed, and to supervise use of equipment. Limit 4.

Mono-Print Studio Group:  Sundays Noon-4pm  5 week series begins June 21. Come explore the fun and artistry of mono-printing with work by hand and with an etching press.  Together, we will consider various methods of creating, printing and evolving images through monoprinting processes.  This is an opportunity, led by artist Janet Self, to explore a new way of working or for experienced artists to continue to expand your work.  Limit 5

Plus upcoming Mini-workshops ... 

Block Printing: Explore Linocut June 27/ $20
Book Arts: Explore Book Forms July 11/ $20

 Email to if you'd like to join
a Studio group,
attend a Mini-workshop or
 get involved in other ways. Welcome!

And if you'd like to be more involved in this all-volunteer, artist-led venture, please let us know.