Monday, 19 September 2011

Community Remembering...

October @OddFellows in Mendocino Village hosts an unique exhibit about the power of community remembering. Combining beautiful local art with hands-on interactive elements, Children's Hands-to-the-Future installation, Dance performance, workshops and community-made "Remembrance Boxes", visitors will be drawn into an experience of deep remembering.

Rita Crane's photograph of the 2008 Triple Conjunction over Ukiah Street captures the heart of this art exhibit.
Says Crane, "It was a magical December evening when this rare line up of three celestial bodies occurred. Venus, Jupiter, and the crescent Moon were visible, clustered up closer than they had been since the 1940’s. Because of freezing cold weather, no one was out and a friend and I were absolutely alone taking pictures in town, cozily bundled up, enjoying the beauty of the night sky.

Whatever happens on planet Earth, the solar system continues its ancient rhythms and cycles. We have a chance every single second of every single day to align ourselves with the universal harmony that exists. That internal harmony begins with every conscious breath we take."

SOULFUL REMEMBERING is a unique community tapestry... And light spilling forth from Odd Fellows reflects the gathering of energies involved in this not-to-be-missed experience.