Wednesday, 29 May 2013

OPEN DOOR... Film to Books

Mendocino Film Festival takes over Odd Fellows "OPEN DOOR" for their 8th Annual!! ...Box Office, MFF t-shirts & stuff, and a special lounge in the main Gallery for visiting Film Makers...Wednesday May 30 to June 2 will bring another energy into the Open Doors of Odd Fellows!  Great line-up of not-to-miss films and programs take place around the Village, Friday thru Sunday!

And then...2ND EDITION... Art of Letter, Words & Books sets up for another run in June. New Works by Florie Ashford, Judy Detrick, Larry Thomas, Theresa Whitehill, Devereaux Baker, Sue Bradford and others will add to this special 2ND EDITION.  Come explore the 13-foot-Book by Judy Detrick.  Karen Lewis' Longest Poem almost circles the upstairs gallery three times... how long will it get before we're done?  Opening Artists Celebration happens on Saturday June 8th from 5-8pm and the show will be open daily 10:30 to 5:00 thru June 30.
Y-Knot by Becky Deerwater
Carol Greenberg's QUACK!

AFTFUL ABC's has a few amazing letters open...Each is a unique take on the spirit of a letter.  All proceeds from this special project help support FLOCKworks continue our work supporting the creative spirit of community. The show continues the lively hands-on conversation about the art of letter, word & book

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Art Changes Place...

GROW WITH the new Mural at Dunbar School near Sonoma. 30 feet of shared fun was created by painting with 250 children k-5. The four day on-site process led by FLOCKworks Artist Janet Self was a school wide celebration with everyone --children, parents, teachers and staff-- enjoying the unfolding painting.  
Team of boys add tiny people under the bench.

Inspired by painter Georgia O'Keeffe, the concept turned scale on its head with eight giant flowers and tiny "ant-sized" people.  A field of flowers wraps the entire design.  Photos and samples of real flowers provided focus, while the children's  creative imagination gave a lively richness to the work. 

The project was supported with funds from  Sonoma Plein Air Foundation .  The school's Art Teacher Beth Beirmann organized the project, which involved small groups of children coming to share in the work on the mural.  The Mural adds a new spirit right at the center of the school.
Art Teacher, Beth Biermann, organized the kids & classes and worked hand & hand through out the project 
Just outside the Library and edging the playground, the Mural is at one of the busiest places in the school.  

Friday, 10 May 2013

ARTFUL ABCs...Bid for Creative Community

Lisa Orselli explores "A" in encaustic
"B" with Buttons from Joanna Wigginton
Karen Bowers "C" for City collage

Artful ABCs features the work of 26 Mendocino Artist; each explored a Letter in a delightful 10" x 10" panel ...oil, acrylic, needlepoint, photo transfer, en-caustic, print, collage, and mixed media. Each beautiful small piece of art has a starting bid of $50 with proceeds to benefit FLOCKworks. It will help support the Odd Fellows series and hands-on art in schools and community. Part of the current Exhibit "Exploring the Art of letter, word & book"...Odd Fellows open daily 10:30-5:00 thru Memorial Weekend.

Deb Lennox loves Daisies
Sunshine Taylor's famous Flowers
Ian Aames subtle "E"
Linda Shearin's  wave for "W"

Steven Bates "V" for Victory in pierced copper.

Ellen Witherite play on "U".

"Y" Knot, with Thousand french knots from Becky Deerwater
"X" marks the spot by Janet Self

Jessica Jade Norris "Z" in print and collage

JoAnne Abrue en-caustic "L" for leaves

Nancy Chinn's "N"

Maureen Peterson "O" for Octopus.

Julie Higgins brings us "I".

Robert Rhoades explores the "R"

John Fisher brings us M for mother
Q means Quack from Carol Greenberg

Suzi Marquess Long's "S" curve

David Cross bring "T" to the shore

Monday, 6 May 2013

Explore the Art of letter, word & book.

The May Exhibit at Odd Fellows, “BOUND & UNBOUND" explores the Art of letter, word & book.  It opens a hands-on “conversation” about the place of books, language, arts and engagement in our modern age. 

With over 40 artists, work includes handmade artist’s books, letterpress works, alphabet series, text into other art, altered books, art made from up-cycled books, art in books, & several lively installations. Student work from Redwood School, Caspar Creek Learning Center, Ft. Bragg Middle School, Mendocino High School, and Caspar Children's Garden add to the exhibit. The Children's Book Nook provides a special place to 'crawl into' for reading, and exploring. Visitors can get hands-on with Worlds Longest Poem and the WORD of the Day or jump into the Typing Pool for a moments step back in time.

This exhibit runs daily May 4 to May 26; Opening Artists Party on May 11th, 2nd Saturday.  Children's Make-it Day happens on May 18, 1-4pm and May 19 4:30, author/artist Alisa Golden will give a talk on "Making Handmade Books";  An on-going Used Book Sale addds to the fun.   Odd Fellows is at the corner of Kasten & Ukiah Streets in Mendocino Village.