Friday, 2 December 2016

Friends of Flockworks

Become a Friend of Flockworks... With your support, we will continue to mobilize space, talents, time, and resources to foster opportunities in arts and creativity for people of all ages in our community.

Dear Friends,

Flockworks was established ten years ago as an organizational frame to build community through creativity.  Flockworks brought new vision and leadership for community art and creative initiatives. We have fostered visibility, vibrancy and inclusiveness to local arts through major exhibits and installations. We have engaged children and young people in vivid art experiences on the playground, in classrooms and other settings. And, through collaborations, we added a creative twist to important community issues and events. We’ve woven art into everyday experiences that bring us together and enrich us as a community.

And it has all been done with volunteer time and talents, minimal resources and an indefatigable willingness to say “yes” whenever someone has asked. In the past two years, we launched Noyo Printworks in Ft Bragg, began an art and science collaboration with Noyo Center for Marine Science and sharpened creative engagement of youth in our community plus continued Art@OddFellows, mural making and more... 

As a new decade begins, we realize this creative work can’t rely solely on volunteer time.  It is essential to ensure a strong sustainable core going forward.  We need you to say “yes” to  help continue Flockworks’ special creative contribution to our community.

As a Friend of Flockworks, your tax-deductible gift will help us continue to offer art exhibits, strengthen our new community print studio, engage youth, children and others in art-making and ensure creativity is infused into our community. A gift of any size will make a difference.   Your gift to Flockworks  can help continue to foster opportunities in arts and creativity open for people of all ages and backgrounds in our community.  You can make a contribution here on our website.  Or we love to get mail:  Flockworks PO Box 1603  Mendocino, CA 95460 
Let's dream and creatively work together!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Come celebrate the Holidays with us!...

Stop by First Friday December 2 from 5-8  kicks off the First Annual Print Sale by artists at Noyo Printworks, 215 Laurel Street in Fort Bragg. 

Work by community artists includes etchings, dry point, linocuts, mono prints, wood cuts, letterpress and other related items.   

Studio Sale will also be open Saturdays & Sundays thru December 17th from 11-5. 

Noyo Printworks is a Flockworks project begun two years ago to create an open Community Studio for print making, letterpress and book arts.  Community gifts of equipment and supplies, space from The City of Fort Bragg and funding for sign and promotion from the Community Foundation of Mendocino County, together with Flockworks “Magic Cigar Box” contributions allowed us to transform the space and stock essential supplies and materials. Volunteer leadership in planning and hands-on studio work means Noyo Printworks is a true community venture, relying on the contributions of many to become a reality. 

2017 will Kickoff a new round of workshops and studio opportunities. If you are an experienced printmaker or letterpress artist, tell us how you'd like to be involved in the Studio.  If you are a beginner, let us know your special areas of interest to help us with our planning. Simply e-mail us ...

Noyo Printworks is located in the former Rec Center on the Laurel Street side of City Hall, across from the Sears building... 215 Laurel Street, just past the office for Noyo Center for Marine Science, a collaborative partner in art & science!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Creative Change of Public Space...

In the Public Eye... Flockworks' Mural making...

It has been an exciting few months, bringing three large scale mural projects to completion.  The murals each combined art & science, aiming to inspire and engage participants and viewers in  the overall theme of the projects. Two projects undertaken with schools involved over 500 children in the hands on process. The end results reflect the creative energies of many, yet present an overall story and creative whole.

Dunbar School is the oldest public school in Sonoma County and serves about 250 children k-5.  Surrounded by premier vineyards and tasting rooms, most children come from from families hard pressed by economic, language and cultural challenges. Principal Melanie Blake leads a dedicated staff and children are eager and enthusiastic learners.  
WATER!  In Our Lives, Dunbar School, Sonoma

Flockworks Artist Janet Self has been a visiting artist Dunbar School since since 2010 with one or more  school wide creative projects each year.   

This year, the focus was WATER!  WATER! WATER... Exploring Water in Our Lives.   Every child takes part in creating the whole with a process offering everyone a chance to make their special mark.  This Mural was made possible with support from the Sonoma Plein Air Foundation.  

Water on the Farm, the Forest and Town...

Visit the Farmers Market in Town Square
Fire Truck Roars by
In the Dunbar School Garden
Diagram of the "Water Cycle" ... evaporation, condensation & on...

Back home in Mendocino, thanks to the 2014-15 AD Abramson Visual Arts Award for Art in Public Places from the Community Foundation of Mendocino County, a major mural project at the Mendocino k-8 School was also recently completed.  Entitled ENERGY OF MOTION, the project explored concepts of energy from the playground to the stars, from friendship to quantum theory.  The School's Gym has been transformed with two 30 ft panels, one by the entry way into the main gym and the other across under the score board.  Children from kindergarten to 8th grade took part in mural from start to finish.  Working in small teams, the children discussed concepts of energy, drew related ideas and helped plan out the figures in the mural.  Tracings of children in 'action' poses became the basis for the design. Two weeks of intensive work brought the project from concept to completion. 




TAG!! Mural Panel created on the Playground

Simple building, before.
This year, City of Fort Bragg received that AD Abramson Visual Arts Award for Art in Public Places from the Community Foundation of Mendocino County and Flockworks' mural project was selected for a bathroom building Noyo Headlands.  

Our Mural entitled "Currents and Waves" was a collaboration by  Artists Janet Self and Ariela Marshall. "Together, we spent a delightful month out on the new walking trail by the Noyo Center for Marine Science, transforming the simple bathroom into a celebration of the ocean." says Self.

The design wraps the entire building: the front explores the layers and depths of the oceans, while the back leaves the building partially exposed as though the wave is just crashing  around the sides.  

Unfolding Materials and supplies became a
daily ritual setting the tone of each day. 
The Artists hosted many visitors to the project, talking about the underlying concepts and discussing technical aspects of layering on the design to create depth and movement. 

 "Between daily walkers and visitors from all over the world, the energy of collaboration, and the changing beauty of the site itself, it was a glorious place for creating art."  

Flockworks has begun a related project, creating Banners with children and youth that continue this celebrate of life in the ocean. They will become part of a large scale installation.

Artist Ariela Marshall at day's end after clean up.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Art of Letter, Word & Book - May 2016 at OddFellows Gallery

Show opens May 5 to May 30

Daily 10:30am - 5:00pm
Opening Party - Sat. May 14th  (5pm – 8pm)

Flockworks’ 4th Annual Exhibit exploring the “Art of Letter, Word & Book”, includes calligraphy, letterpress, artist books, deconstructed books, words into other art and other related installations by more than 40 artists.

One of the pieces exhibited will be Felice Rice’s DOC/UNDOC - A mixed-media production housed in a hi-tech aluminum case, which contains her book DOC/UNDOC of performance texts by artist/writer Guillermo Gómez-Peña and critical commentary by art historian Jennifer González, video by Gómez-Peña and artist Gustavo Vazquez, and sound art by Zachary Watkins.

There will also be an Open Writing Project by Karen Lewis of the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference and a Writer’s Open Mic on May 21st from 3:30pm-5pm.

And the event will close with Book Mobile “Races” – a compilation of fanciful “cars” made from books that will race each other and be judged for distance, speed and ‘literary character’ on May 29th from 2pm-4pm.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Fire & Ice Show opens this weekend [April 1- No Joke!]

“Fire & Ice” Show @ Odd Fellows

        Textiles, Quilts & Creative Expressions art show
When:       April 1 - 24 EVERYDAY(10am - 5pm)
Where:     Odd Fellows Hall (10480 Kasten St. / Ukiah St., Mendocino)

Join us at Odd Fellows Gallery in the month of April for a vibrant exhibit of more than thirty artists exploring the colorful theme: Fire & Ice through quilts, textiles and works in other media. Open daily.

Don't miss the “Second Saturday” Celebration April 9 from 5pm - 9pm, and other special events throughout the month! 

SATURDAY April 2 @ 3:00-4:00
Join Joanna Wigginton for Collage Cards: using scraps.
Make art cards. Have fun. All materials provided. $10.

SATURDAY April 9 @ 4:00 PM
Join Mirka Knaster and Susan Lane for an ‘Artist Talk’
‘Behind the creative process: Where art comes from?’ Free

SATURDAY April 9 @ 5:00 to 8:00

SUNDAY April 10 @ 3:00 PM
Join Mary Ellen Campbell and friends for an ‘Artist Talk’
‘Behind the creative process: Where art comes from?’ Free

SATURDAY April 16 @ 3:00-4:00
Join Cindi Jo for hand sewing and embroidery
Hands ON! All materials provided. $15.

SUNDAY April 17 @ 2:30 PM
Join Mickie McCormac for a demonstration/talk on photo transfer

Questions/Sign up for ‘Hands on Workshops":  964-7577 or

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Watershed Visions by Mendocino Eco Artists

The Last Weekend  ...

Marvelous Exhibit by the Mendocino EcoArtist celebrates Watershed Visions and benefits the Noyo Center for Marine Science.  Running  through March 27, this is the last weekend to explore the work of 15 local artists with paintings, drawings, pastel, prints, neon and wood sculpture.  And don't miss the opportunity to see Whale Bones and other special specimens from the Noyo Center on display in the exhibit.

Friday, 5 February 2016

February @OddFellows


February @Odd Fellows  brings together 12 experienced artists into an exuberant exhibit with paintings, drawings, textile, and sculpture in ceramics, stone and wire.   The Show is open February 4 to 28th, Thursday to Monday 11-5.

Sunday February 7th stop by to enjoy a special performance by Holly Tannen with humorous songs about Mendocino life. Performance from 2-4pm.  Free.

Gala Artist Opening is Saturday February 13 from 4-7pm, part of Mendocino 2nd Saturday.

Art@Odd Fellows is located at the corner of Kasten & Ukiah Streets in Mendocino Village. See you there! 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

MAKING SPACE...An Exhibit Celebrating Community

Just a taste of this rich mix of amazing work by children & adults you will see.  Our show is Flockworks Annual Report to the Community as we kick off the 2016 community series and 10th year of Art@OddFellows... Kasten & Ukiah Streets in Mendocino. The exhibit is open 11-5 pm on Thursday to Sunday through the end of January.    Bring your imagination, bring the kids and invite your friends.  It will bring smiles, as you see the power of creativity, that is alive and well in our community.   

Special thanks to teacher Mark Oatney, for the art from Students of Mendocino K-8 School, Noyo Center for Marine Science, Print makers of Noyo Printworks, Students from Shelter Cove School in Ft Bragg, and other amazing artists who have shared their works! 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

MAKING SPACE: An Art Exhibit

Kick off an Artful New Year with "Making Space" Featuring the work of over 150(!) art makers of all ages, this is truly a creative celebration!  Masks, Ocean Celebration, Print Making Magic, Boxed Surprise, and other Unexpected Voices! 

Saturday January 9th

Family Welcome... 3-4:30pm

Artist Talk:  Inspired Learning!  4-5pm

Community Celebration ... 5-8pm

 The exhibit will be open Thursday to Sunday from January 9 to January 31 from 11-5:30

Other Special Events during the month:

Ocean Celebration: Art & Science
Saturday January 16, 4-5pm 

Hands-On Make-It Days!...with Fish Prints, Print making and other artful fun!
Donations appreciated .  Children & families welcome! 

  • Sunday January 17th ...noon to 4pm
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Monday January 18th...noon to 4pm 

Artist talk:  Art of Living!   Janet Self explores how creativity shapes experience and colors the nature of community. 
  • Saturday January 30th 4-5pm

MAKING SPACE kicks off the 2016 OddFellows exhibits;  it also begins Flockworks' 10th year leading this unique community art series.  Thanks to the generosity of the building's owner, each month a different group configures and hosts  a special show of the rich and diverse arts in our community.  Paintings, Textiles, Books Arts, Fine Furniture & Wood work, Ceramics, and much much more...   

Friday, 1 January 2016

Art Shapes Learning

At first glance, this classroom scene could make anyone nervous. Yet the teacher is far from anxious, in fact she’s in the middle of things: paint is everywhere, with students wielding brushes and palettes, working on multiple surfaces at once. In this lively act of creation, not destruction, students are engrossed, mixing colors and experimenting with technique. Rules are simple:  ‘respect the materials and one another’s artwork.’ With freshly-painted canvases propped up against windows, on desks and tables, it seems more gallery than a typical classroom.

This is the Shelter Cove Community School classroom, at the Alternative Education campus in Fort Bragg. The art materials, along with conceptual support, are supplied by Flockworks.  How is this different than any other art class? Mainly because this isn’t an art class and it can occur at any time of day, during almost any subject. Along with the usual textbooks and worksheets, science, geography and history are expanded into the tactile realm of creative arts. A length of raw canvas features swirls and splatters overlaid with hand-drawn schematic of a hydrogen molecule chain. A round of wood becomes a cross-cut of the Earth’s layers. The students are making sea creatures, specifically those found in local coastal waters, from a messy plaster substance. Ranging in age from ten to fourteen, many spend their free time fishing, and have taught their teacher, Ariela Marshall about the finer points of local marine life.

Marshall, in her first year as core lesson teacher, brings her prior experience as a crisis counselor and youth worker where creative arts were used as a medium for conflict resolution. While researching restorative justice for her Master’s thesis, Marshall volunteered in San Quentin prison in San Rafael, and served a Summer internship working with incarcerated gang members in Pollsmoor Prison, South Africa. In both cases, art and self-expression were central to her work. Currently, in the Shelter Cove classroom, Marshall draws on students’ own knowledge and interests to promote creative opportunities for learning.

Studies have shown increasing evidence that learning through doing (physical learning) helps accelerate and solidify the absorption of new information, particularly for students with learning and behavioral challenges.  Charles Fowler, an esteemed advocate for arts in education, wrote, “the arts humanize the curriculum while affirming the interconnectedness of all forms of knowing. They are a powerful means to improve general education." 

Students at Shelter Cove often face considerable adversity in their lives, and struggle with motivation and focus. The tactile experience through arts gives them a dynamic and flexible way to engage with learning. They bring their own strengths, and work in their own time, in a safe environment. A natural reinforcement happens as they recreate a lesson through art. “The process, in this case, is far more important than the product. The act of figuring out what you’re doing as you go can be a potent means of growth, both cognitively and emotionally,” says Marshall.  A current board member of Flockworks, she’d witnessed the transformative power of art and wanted to ensure creative opportunities continued on the Mendocino coast. “Kids start to think differently about themselves when they engage in these artistic processes,” said Marshall.

Artwork by the students at Shelter Cove will be shown in the January 2016 OddFellows’ show called “Making Space” opening Saturday, January 9th, 2016.