Surprise YES!

What does it take to bring an extra creative spark into a classroom, or community program?  A curriculum tied art project or special events project, just waiting to happen. Hurdles of expertise, time and budget often stop really good things from happening...before they can even be seriously considered.  Addressing these barriers, means a struggle at best, and most often stop there.  

Recognizing this, we set out to un-do this barrier with what we call "The SURPRISE YES!"

Meet a teacher (or program leader) and talk creative things to do, like our banner project or art-in-class projects... Eyes light, voice brightens and conversation becomes animated.   Enthusiam grows as ideas and 'expertise' becomes evident..."The kids would love that!... Would you be willing to come into my class... if I can find money...?"

Surprise YES! We can come... we'll bring everything and give our time. You just help make it work with the kids and together, we'll make sure it fits. Keep it simple and it works.

Very satisfying.