Friday, 24 October 2014

That's a PRINT...Last weekend

The work of twelve local printmakers takes you through a mini-exploration of printmaking:  etching, drypoint, serigraph, lithograph, wood block, lino cut, mono print, screened pulp print, collograph and more.  This is the last weekend to enjoy this intimate exhibit...  Nicholas Collins hosts Saturday 11-5. On Sunday from Noon to 3, Janet Self welcomes visitors.   In Mendocino at FLOCKworks Studio, next to the historic Odd Fellows... (with the WORKING ARTISTS exhibit... open this final weekend.)


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Come see my Etchings...

Etching, drypoint, collograph, lithograph, lino cut, wood block, relief, intaglio, serigraph, silk screen, pulp print, monoprint... see this wide array of techniques.

Contemporary local print makers share their delight in line and ink... Anne Beck, Kathy Carl, Tim Carmondy, Nicholas Collins, Rob Mason, Jonathan Palmer, Robert Rhoades, Janet Self and Larry Thomas.  Nikolas Kozak adds his assemblage work to the outdoor patio as well as sharing his photographic view of "old" Mendocino--1966-67. Serigraph works by Dorr Bothwell (1902 to 2000) add another special touch from the past.   

FLOCKworks Studio, 10460 Kasten St, next to Odd Fellows hall, hosts PRINTworks. Show is open Thursday to Sunday 11 to 5pm, with Opening Party Saturday October 11 4-7pm. 


Dorr Bothwell photo
Dorr Bothwell
"I follow straws in the wind, and that's how I came to Mendocino. A friend of mine from art school, whom I hadn't seen for twenty five years, recommended me to Bill Zacha. I was busy, so I recommended Hilda Pertha to Bill, and she came...later I taught a summer course at the Art Center and fell in love with the place. All the wood, for example, really excited me, the wonderful gray wooden fences. I did a whole series of close-ups of the wood, all the grains and knotholes, and when it was shown in San Francisco, it sold out. The very tempo of living here has influenced my art. I think there is a magic in this place, something very special that people call a kind of 'power center'..." - Dorr Bothwell, Arts & Entertainment Magazine, Mendocino, California, May 1989