Thursday, 10 November 2011

Soccer, ART & Kids...

FLOCKworks' Childrens Banner project took to the Soccer fields, creating 22 kid-made banners on opening day play for the Soccer Season. Once they were done, Banners covered the chain link fence surrounding the playing fields each Saturday. With kids, coaches, and families helping, the Banners added to the celebration of 350 children plus their families spending the day out on the fields playing soccer. Another bonus: businesses sponsors are featured on the Banners, adding to the community recognition of this important support. Each weekend, Banners create a celebrate kids involved in athletics and they raise awareness of the important role of soccer in the community. Mendocino Coast Youth Soccer also got special help this year from the Mendocino Coast Children's Fund to reach families needing financial help for their kids to play.

HANDS ON...Get Creative with kids

Bringing Art into the Classroom adds to the creative learning of children; it is also brings energy and support for teachers committed to diverse learning strategies. Last year, we dived in to work in several schools: Albion School, one of a handful of "one-room Schools" statewide, k-3 with one teacher, Redwood School with k-2 program and 450 children and the AVID program with 27 high achieving 7th graders at Ft Bragg Middle. I took along interested artist friends to join in the fun. The overall aim was to learn what it really took to begin developing a broader community program.

This year, the focus aims to both reach more kids, teachers and classrooms AND draw in community artist with time, talent and interest. By fostering ties between community volunteer artists and teachers, the program will organically create opportunities for more hands-on art in classrooms. Backup community artists and teachers with great ideas, materials, equipment and other support, and classroom art will find new ways to expand.

GODDESS INSPIRED...Work by janet Self

A three day mini-exhibit called GODDESS INSPIRED... celebrates the Female form as part of the Mendocino Goddess Festival. Self's Figurative work explores the flow and energy of the human body in vivid colors and playful lines, sketches, large scale banners, paintings, cut outs, clay and more. The Exhibit also features several hands on dimensions... OCCUPY Vision, and the "I AM..." project.

The Exhibit happens November 11-13, Friday thru Saturday 10-5 at the FLOCKworks Studio, next to OddFellows corner of Kasten & Ukiah Streets in Mendocino; OUR Saturday GODDESS GATHERING 4-8pm will include a LIVE MODEL for sketching, Sand Tray Collage, food, wine & more...

2nd SATURDAY OPENING Parties... ART EXPLORERS next Door at Odd Fellows, FORD HOUSE hosts Nature Photos with mushroom & wine event. Art Cooperative of Mendocino on Main St celebrates the DIVINE FEMININE and the Mendocino Art Center also hosts a special focus on the GODDESS...