Noyo Printworks

Doors opened to this new artist-led community studio in April 2015.  Located in the City Hall building, Franklin & Laurel Streets we have a new street address 215 Laurel St - right in the heart of Ft. Bragg, California. 

Noyo Printworks is a true community venture, relying on the contributions of many to become a reality.  The Boy's Locker Room of the old swimming complex attached to the City Hall has been transformed into a bright working studio ready to foster creative learning and practice in printmaking, letterpress and book arts. The City of Fort Bragg generously provided the space as a two-year incubator to enable Flockworks to begin this project.  This support by the City was just extended for an additional two-years through 2018.
Laurel's "Elephant"... is the one-ton Vandercook Universal 1 Letterpress, circa 1963.  Laurel Moss, a writer and long-time Coast resident, acquired the Letterpress some years ago, hoping to bring together writers and artists in creative work. It proved a bigger challenge than expected and the press, cabinets of moveable type, paper cutter, book binder and more waited in a shed.  Laurel's generous gift to Flockworks of the Letterpress and other equipment means the community will now have access and opportunity to learn to do creative work on this beautiful machine.  Whether setting type by hand or designs made in polymer plate, this opens a wide range of creative possibilities.

The Sturgess Etching press is on long-term loan and ready for intaglio, relief and mono printing.  A glass topped inking table was made and donated by Rob Mason. The double sink, shelving, rollers, brayers, work tables, chairs and more come from a variety of contributors. Inks, paper, cleaning supplies, and so forth round out the basic set up of the working Studio. Some things still needed include flat file, folding chairs, rolling carts, and old towels. Art materials like printing paper, lino cutters, brayers, inks and such can also add to the resources. In-kind and cash donations welcome.

Leadership and expertise are the last ingredients making Noyo Printworks a working reality.  Larry Thomas, Judy Detrick, Zida Borcich, Sandy Oppenheimer, James Maxwell, Rob Mason and others bring their experience to help shape the working framework as well as offer future classes and workshops. The Studio group leaders like Kathy Carl and Florence Ashford, with support from Janet Self, Flockworks Director, facilitate hands-on studio time.  Others with proven experience in Letterpress, Printmaking and Book Arts are welcome to join as Studio Associates.  Studio Groups, classes and workshops will be an opportunity for all to join in Studio work.

This is a project of Flockworks, expanding the creative resources and opportunities in our community.  If you would like to be added to our email list, contact us at And stay tuned as we create new websites and other outreach for Flockworks and the new Noyo Printworks.


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