Thursday, 22 February 2018

Closings & Openings...Moving forward.

A door closes, other openings appear... 

Amazing ... For over a decade, Art@OddFellows series featured unique exhibits each month of local arts presented by local artists.  Over 2,000 adults and thousands of local children & young people have been part of the series.  As many as 15,000 visitors each year enjoyed the shows and over $600,000 in sales meant local art found its way into homes near and far.  Funds have been raised for local concerns like Otsuchi Recovery, raising local food, Ocean issues, children's needs and much, much more. And music, poetry, writing, dance, film and more, have been woven in along with visual arts over the years. 

It all began by asking to borrow the space for one show... 

Thanks to the generosity of the owner, historic Odd Fellows hall, built in 1878, has been a magnificent community gathering place for all this! Now the owner's interest to sell means Art@OddFellows wrapped in February 2018 with a final show called "Creative Voices". With over 300 markers, age 5 to 7, the exuberance of children's paper mache masks and team paintings, combined with the Women's March in placards & photos, stunning Harvest Coats of Susan B. Wood and special Flockworks new projects.  These diverse "voices" were a perfect ending, reflecting our dedication to creative community. 

So what is coming next for Flockworks?  Here are a few initiatives. 
"The Rhododendron: Pink Delight"  

The Alleyway Art project is making Fort Bragg come alive with art in unexpected places.  Locals and visitors can begin to “discover” the edges of community alleyways and back spaces, as they hunt for artwork, and connect with the wit, warmth, creativity, and spirit of our community.  The 1st Alleyway installation "The Rhododendron" will be unveiled May 24th, behind Coast Hardware off Redwood Avenue. The project is led by Flockworks Community Artist Lia Wilson.  

Worry Dolls made by Dana Grey Students
Community Artist Joanna Wigginton has launched two projects:  the BRIDGES Initiative brings creativity to strengthen cultural concerns.  Together with the Latino Coalition, Safe Passages and others, the  aim is creative support for our large hispanic community and children's creativity.  Little Free Libraries (LFL) for ALL in Fort Bragg & Beyond...Built by ‘at-risk’ youth and installed throughout our community to promote literacy and foster the fun of reading.  Each Little Free Library is a simple structure, sometimes lavishly embellished, holding books for free exchange.  First set of LFL are under construction; Little Free Libraries can be purchased at a nominal cost. 
Orca skeleton @CVStarr Center with
Flockworks Mural "Bridge over Noyo"

Upwelling Initiative is our partnership with the Noyo Center for Marine Science, to foster  understanding of our coastal and marine environment. The annual Art & Science Fair in March 2018 will see children and youth from local schools share projects and activities.  

Plastic trash fashion and "Bottles" installation.
“Oceans of Plastics” is our special focus exploring the impact of plastics on our ocean eco-system and engaging people in “Re-Thinking Plastics" & our choices as consumers. Led by Janet Self and Sue Coulter, we have three student interns involved in the installations and special outreach project on this theme. 

Such new initiatives along with others reach out into our community.  Closing Art@OddFellows has meant the challenge to find new ways to support such creative outreach... Grant proposals, events, and sponsorships are part of the picture, but individuals who share our vision and add their financial support make all the difference! We need you!  And together, we nurture creative community.