Childrens Banner Project

The Childrens Banner Project began in 2008 on a playground of a school in transition.  During Friday lunchtime recess, a painting station on the edge of the playground drew children to join in to create lively Banners to hang on construction fences.  A dynamic painting process focused on fun, cooperation and shared space; up to 75 kids could help make each Banner.

Since then, over 500 banners have been created in more than 40 school and community settings. The project now includes murals and other art activities and has a dual focus: raise community awareness and support the creativity of children.     

For the past several years, opening day of the Youth Soccer season engages all 350 children, ages 4 to 14, work together in creating team banners that recognize Sponsors. Every Saturday, Banners are hung up on fences surrounding the fields, celebrating the kids, families and volunteers out for a full day of Soccer play! Fun to bring together art, sports & kids!

Redwood School's Playground is transformed by this 40ft mural painted with 450 children, kindergarten to 2nd grade.  

The "Welcome Mural" at Dunbar School, near Glen Ellen, in Sonoma County, was created with 125 kindergarten to 2nd grade students.  It transforms the parking area and the main entry way into the school campus.  It provides a warm visual greeting to all who enter.