Monday, 8 May 2017

"Art of Letter, Word & Book" Exhibit opens

Delightfully Rich Exhibit Celebrating Language Awaits...Daily @OddFellows thru Memorial Day

Flockworks 5th Annual "Art of Letter Word & Book" exhibit opens with work of 40 artists plus children from Pt. Arena.   Calligraphy, letterpress, artists books, book binding, book humor, book chair, book moths, alphabet play, deconstructed books and much, much more... 

Learn about the Little Free Library movement, consider the "Secretary's Nightmare", knock over Book Dominos and talk on a WIND PHONE to those lost and loved. There is also a mini-Used Book Sale, and Otsuchi crafted Benefit items.  The exhibit is deep, and you may find yourself needing to come back.  Welcome... The show runs daily 11-5 through Memorial Day.

Here are some special opportunities for a special taste of the exhibit...  

This Saturday May 13th is Mendocino Second Saturday... Art Walk...  At Odd Fellows, we plan start early with a  Mini-Workshop from 1-3; Create a Travel Journal with Saradevi Dillon.  All supplies on hand for open participation; by donation.  The Party opens 5-8: come by at 5:30 for an Artist Talk by Susan Barrows Wood called "Finding My Voice" and a chance to consider her unique installation project.
Come meet the artists as well as friends, neighbors and creative strangers as part of your evening Art Walk Around Mendocino.

Another Opportunity to Jump in... 
May 25th from 4-8 an open Art-Make-It Event invites the Mendocino Coast Community to add to a national effort to send 100,000 pieces of original art to the White House on July 4th. 

Here are folks involved in this exhibit, many of who will be your hosts for the daily showing throughout the month!   Judy Detrick, Larry Thomas, Linda Turner,Adrienne Ardito, Harry Van Ornum, Jackie Wollenberg, Martha Hill, Jacob Hewko, Roger Jordan, Gin Kremen, Rick Paulus, Kate Dougherty, Ann S. Hedges, Mary-Ellen Campbell, Wendell Rickon, Joanna Wigginton, Susan Barrows Wood, Pete Gealey, Janet Self, Jary Stavely, Lisa Culjis, Marta Perry Mackenzie, Mary Rose Kaczorowski, Saradevi Dillon, Walter Liebscher, L.A. “Happy” Hyder, Cassandra Young, Carol Greenberg.  Special Thanks to Cathleen Micheals for sharing the work of her Point Arena Students. 

Iota Press & North Bay Letterpress Artists in Sebastopol include: Eric Johnson,  Lyn Dillin, Susan Amalia, Jami Taback, Rod Buchignani, Judi Goldberg, Chery Pfeil von der Heyde, Brooke Holve and Pauline Minser.  Special thanks to Fort Bragg-Otsuchi Cultural Exchange for the Wind Phone and related display.  Special thanks to Judy Detrick, Larry Thomas and the Calligraphy Studio Group.  Special Thanks for Susan McKinney for her unwavering enthusiasm and support.
Book Moths

Alphabet play


Calligraphic deight

Photography Books and encased script

Letterpress & Artists Books


Wind Phone

Waste Not
Glacier Country

Play with the ABCs

Secretary's Nightmare

Page by Page, Cover to Cover

Excavating Nostalgia
Telling Stories in a big way

Student Crafted Books from Pt. Arena

Travel Journals

Taking Flight...

Antique Book covers

Book Dominos

Some Faces of Flockworks...