Monday, 8 September 2014


Exquisite pine needle baskets by Carolyn Zeitler are paired with Janet Self's Woven Painting series to create a delightful exhibit called "SISTERS IN WEAVE".  The combination invites a new appreciation for the essentials of a woven surface.  

In addition, enjoy outdoor assemblage works by Nikolas Kozak, using simple materials to create imaginative constructs plus the work of 3 Japanese Artists, Tokio Oda, Gen Hashiba Shiro Kasai from the Miasa Mendocino Sister City ArtExchange.  

The Opening Second Saturday Event, September 13 from 5-7pm is an intimate chance to meet and talk with the artists.

Carolyn Zeitler, the Archivist for the Kelley House Museum, has been crafting her pine needle baskets since the 1970s.  Made with Coulter pine needles from a special area near Big Sur, Carolyn makes an annual trip to collect pine needles for her work.  Janet Self, Director of FLOCKworks which leads the Odd Fellows Community Art Series, offers up a unique approach to both painting and weaving with this series.  Acrylic on paper is woven together creating new texture and pattern; each square of the weave becomes an element in the design, with an exploration flow into the surrounding squares.  Zeitler & Self have been friends since 1992, when they met at a PTA meeting in the Sierra Foothills.

SISTERS IN WEAVE will be open weekends 11-5:00 through September at FLOCKworks Studio, 10460 Kasten St, the little yellow building next to the historic Odd Fellows hall in Mendocino.