Thursday, 8 December 2011

Photographer Nicholas Wilson and Friends!

A unique exhibit of local art opens Second Saturday, December 10th.  Central to the exhibit is a celebration of
Photographer Nicholas Wilson's 40 years as a documentary and fine art photographer.
Joining Wilson are a diverse group of special long-time friends:
  • painters Robert Ross and Eduardo Smissen show amazing paintings and prints,
  • graphic artist John Chamberlin with his unique posters & sign art ,
  • zany sculptor and multimedia artist Larry Fuente will have something new and surprising as well as vintage pieces,
  • ceramicist Christopher Cisper will have skillfully made pottery, ceramic sculptures and drums and
  • multimedia artist Molly Boynoff will have work in textiles, paper and other media
The Full Moon party starts at 5 pm and continues until it's over, with live music and slide show.
The show runs from Dec. 10 through Dec. 26 from 11 AM to 5 PM most days. Evening hours and more slide shows are planned for Saturday Dec. 17. While the show is running you can also call Odd Fellows Hall at 937-2486. Odd Fellows Hall is located at the corner of Kasten and Ukiah Sts. in Mendocino, California.
Web links: 
Nicholas Wilson:
Robert Ross website:
Eduardo Smissen:
Larry Fuente: search "Larry Fuente" (put it in quotes) There's a lot!
Christopher Cisper:
Molly Boynoff (photo):
John Chamberlin is virtually invisible in cyberspace,yet well known locally.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Soccer, ART & Kids...

FLOCKworks' Childrens Banner project took to the Soccer fields, creating 22 kid-made banners on opening day play for the Soccer Season. Once they were done, Banners covered the chain link fence surrounding the playing fields each Saturday. With kids, coaches, and families helping, the Banners added to the celebration of 350 children plus their families spending the day out on the fields playing soccer. Another bonus: businesses sponsors are featured on the Banners, adding to the community recognition of this important support. Each weekend, Banners create a celebrate kids involved in athletics and they raise awareness of the important role of soccer in the community. Mendocino Coast Youth Soccer also got special help this year from the Mendocino Coast Children's Fund to reach families needing financial help for their kids to play.

HANDS ON...Get Creative with kids

Bringing Art into the Classroom adds to the creative learning of children; it is also brings energy and support for teachers committed to diverse learning strategies. Last year, we dived in to work in several schools: Albion School, one of a handful of "one-room Schools" statewide, k-3 with one teacher, Redwood School with k-2 program and 450 children and the AVID program with 27 high achieving 7th graders at Ft Bragg Middle. I took along interested artist friends to join in the fun. The overall aim was to learn what it really took to begin developing a broader community program.

This year, the focus aims to both reach more kids, teachers and classrooms AND draw in community artist with time, talent and interest. By fostering ties between community volunteer artists and teachers, the program will organically create opportunities for more hands-on art in classrooms. Backup community artists and teachers with great ideas, materials, equipment and other support, and classroom art will find new ways to expand.

GODDESS INSPIRED...Work by janet Self

A three day mini-exhibit called GODDESS INSPIRED... celebrates the Female form as part of the Mendocino Goddess Festival. Self's Figurative work explores the flow and energy of the human body in vivid colors and playful lines, sketches, large scale banners, paintings, cut outs, clay and more. The Exhibit also features several hands on dimensions... OCCUPY Vision, and the "I AM..." project.

The Exhibit happens November 11-13, Friday thru Saturday 10-5 at the FLOCKworks Studio, next to OddFellows corner of Kasten & Ukiah Streets in Mendocino; OUR Saturday GODDESS GATHERING 4-8pm will include a LIVE MODEL for sketching, Sand Tray Collage, food, wine & more...

2nd SATURDAY OPENING Parties... ART EXPLORERS next Door at Odd Fellows, FORD HOUSE hosts Nature Photos with mushroom & wine event. Art Cooperative of Mendocino on Main St celebrates the DIVINE FEMININE and the Mendocino Art Center also hosts a special focus on the GODDESS...

Friday, 14 October 2011

HANDS TO THE FUTURE...Children's Art Installation

"Hands to the Future"... is a unique installation that includes 1,037 hands made by over 500 children from 10 schools on the Mendocino Coast. Beginning from the earliest roots of human art making on cave walls, each child traced their hand and created a unique design in the space of their hand. These cut-out hands go up the stairway and into the main upstairs gallery of the Odd Fellows hall, reach up to the arched ceiling, swarm over one main wall and surround another installation called the WEB of Remembrance. As a whole the hands convey the lively creativity of our children; individually, each hand is a small work of art. The installation aims to remind that the future belongs in the hands of our children and will need their creative spirit to face the challenges ahead.

Hands to the Future is part of FLOCKworks Open Door Arts project at Odd Fellows in Mendocino Village. The current exhibit, SOULFUL REMEMBERING, overall includes the work of nearly 700 people from Treasure Boxes of Remembrance, Story Quilts, Assemblage work, and other array of unique art by local artists; several hands-on-art elements draw the visitor right into the process. Day of the Dead is celebrated with a special installation of colorful Altars and includes a learning space about the traditions and symbols for the Day of the Dead. The exhibit runs through November 1 and is a part of the Mendocino Coast Day of the Dead celebration.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Community Remembering...

October @OddFellows in Mendocino Village hosts an unique exhibit about the power of community remembering. Combining beautiful local art with hands-on interactive elements, Children's Hands-to-the-Future installation, Dance performance, workshops and community-made "Remembrance Boxes", visitors will be drawn into an experience of deep remembering.

Rita Crane's photograph of the 2008 Triple Conjunction over Ukiah Street captures the heart of this art exhibit.
Says Crane, "It was a magical December evening when this rare line up of three celestial bodies occurred. Venus, Jupiter, and the crescent Moon were visible, clustered up closer than they had been since the 1940’s. Because of freezing cold weather, no one was out and a friend and I were absolutely alone taking pictures in town, cozily bundled up, enjoying the beauty of the night sky.

Whatever happens on planet Earth, the solar system continues its ancient rhythms and cycles. We have a chance every single second of every single day to align ourselves with the universal harmony that exists. That internal harmony begins with every conscious breath we take."

SOULFUL REMEMBERING is a unique community tapestry... And light spilling forth from Odd Fellows reflects the gathering of energies involved in this not-to-be-missed experience.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

REMEMBRANCE...Treasure Boxes

Transform a simple box into a powerful memory of someone or something special to you.
Then share it as part of a community installation SOULFUL REMEMBRANCE exhibit October at historic Odd Fellows in Mendocino.

Cigar boxes of all kinds are available at Racine's in Ft. Bragg, and the Little River Inn; FLOCKworks studio, next door to Odd Fellows, (open 10 to 4 Thurs & Fri) is also hosting boxes. $5 donation per box helps make this project possible.

This example "CAROL ON WINGS" was created by Kele Self. In remembrance of an Aunt who died when she was very young, Kele asked family members for ideas and memories that she incorporated into the piece. Each box becomes a unique work of artful remembering. If you'd like to participate, email us at and we'll send you more details.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Open Studio Tour Exhibit @ Odd Fellows

August 11 - October 2, 11 am - 5 pm daily
Opening Reception:
August 13, 5 pm to 8 pm · Free
Odd Fellows Hall, Corner of Ukiah & Kasten Streets, Mendocino

In conjunction with the Mendocino Art Center's Artists Open Studio Tour and the North Coast Artists' Guild's Studio Discovery Tour, 75 of the participating artists will show their artwork in the Open Studio Tour exhibit, August 11 through October 2, at Odd Fellows Hall in Mendocino.

Artwork includes fused and stained glass; encaustics; printmaking; concrete, metal, wood and marble sculpture; jewelry; furniture; photography; fiber arts; woodblock prints; collage; ceramics; and paintings in oil, watercolor, acrylic and pastel.

Mendocino Art Center's

Artists Open Studio Tour

September 17-18 & 24-25, 10 am - 5 pm

more information, features on participating artists and tour maps

North Coast Artists' Guild

19th Annual Studio Discovery Tour

September 3-5 & 10-11, 10 am - 5 pm

more information features on participating artists and tour maps

Friday, 5 August 2011


Honoring important memories is at the heart of the “Treasure Boxes of Remembrance” project kicking off this month. Hundreds of wooden cigar boxes are available to be transformed into a shrine, alter or memory box. Boxes will be shared in a community Remembrance installation during the October Exhibit at Odd Fellows; they can also be part of the Day of the Dead weekend in Fort Bragg. This Treasure Box, "FLY AWAY..." is by Inga Peterson

Boxes are available at Racine’s in Ft Bragg, and historic Odd Fellows in Mendocino; $5 contribution per box is requested.

Last year, about 150 boxes went out and over 65 Treasure Boxes became part of community “Remembrance” celebrations. Says organizer Self "We were amazed by the interest and even more, by the beautiful and personal Boxes people created and shared. Some were extraordinarily moving; they let someone come to grips with recent loss of a loved ones. Others created real family treasures, incorporating “heirlooms”, special photos and more, while other boxes were simply charming or playful memories. A set of beautiful Art Boxes that honored the exhibit’s theme were available for sale; most were very personal keepsakes. All in all, this Treasure box installation created a compelling experience for visitors and was a beautiful expression of our community.”
The Treasure Boxes of Remembrance will be a part of the SOULFUL REMEMBRANCE Exhibit, October Open Door Arts @ Odd Fellows and will be part of the Day of the Dead weekend at the end of October in Ft Bragg.

or join us on facebook.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

BACK TO SCHOOl... 20 ft up!

Go Back to School in celebrating Art in Schools along with artist Janet Self!

A 90 ft Mural created with the children of Redwood School will be unveiled Thursday May 26th the School's OPEN HOUSE (324 S. Lincoln Street next door to the CV Starr Center). Visitors are welcome at the Book Fair (4-8), classrooms will be open 6 to 7 and at 7:15, a brief Mural presentation will take place. Self will be on hand throughout to share about the creation of this mural process, including photos of the process, Art Cards and DVD.

“BUILDING BLOCKS OF LIFE” MURAL was created with 450 children,
age 5 to 8, in a group art process led by Artist Janet Self to make a lasting "gift" for their school. The result is a multi-panel installation that encompass 450 square feet of canvas with vivid imagery in acrylic colors, applied with things like blocks, stamps, q-tips, toys, rollers, leaves, fruits, and vegetables. It is explores learning, from basics of line, shape and color to discover the world-at- large and our place in it. The Mural was made possible with a grant from the AD Abramson Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation of Mendocino County and is a project of FLOCKworks, a nonprofit supporting the creative spirit of community.

Last year, Self undertook a Train
Car Mural for the Skunk Train's 125th Anniversary, Cachement Water Tank Mural for Noyo Food Forest's EarthDay and another Redwood School mural now hangs at the CV Starr Center with a second Panel on Exhibit at Odd Fellows in Mendocino through the end of May. This is part of FLOCKworks' Children's Banner working with schools, organizations and community groups and adding children created banners to local events and activities. "Art of Learning" is a FLOCKworks' exhibit reflecting this spirit of community creativity and can be seen at Odd Fellows in Mendocino through the end of May.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

GIVE ME ART... Lively & diverse...

Open-Door-Arts @ Odd Fellows has been an amazing four year run of diverse and lively local arts exhibits! With this magnificent loaned space, over 1,800 adults and children have shown work with about 12,000 visitors each year!

Just opened...Art of Learning...A Celebration of Creativity is the 55th exhibit in this series that highlights life-long creative learning. With art-makers from age 5 to 92 years old, an underlying focus honors "teachers of the arts" who pass along their creative intent. The show runs through the Memorial Weekend. Over 600 people have been in to this special exhibit. "It makes me feel like dancing" was one visitor's comment.

Next... Mendocino Film Festival
(June 3-5) will headquarter at Odd Fellows...Starting May 28th, you can buy tickets at FLOCKworks studio and then find center of fun events during the Festival itself! Great line-up of films and events...

In June...
A benefit Art & Silent Auction Ganbare Otsuchi / Persevere Otsuchi will be hosted here @ Odd Fellows. Otsuchi, Japan is Ft. Bragg's Sister City; it was swept away in the March Tsunami and provided the most vivid images of this disaster. This special exhibit brings creative arts to positively respond to this tragedy. Wanna help?
  • Contribute ART...Contribute BOWLS...for 500 RICE BOWL installation & sale...
  • Provide a service, opportunity or special item for Silent Auction
  • VOLUNTEER for special events on June 11th and July 3rd.
  • Come in and buy something... from cards, t-shirts, glass straws and other simple arts, wonderful auction items and beautiful works by great local artists ... Choose one of 500 RICE BOWLS that will be filled on special July 3rd event.

May 26th Mural Unveiling
of Building Blocks of Life, created with 450 children (k-2) of Redwood School in Ft Bragg! Come back to school for Open House and help me celebrate installation of 450 square feet of canvas mural done this year with support of the AD Abramson Fund for Visual Arts at the Community Foundation of Mendocino County. This amazing School is located at 324 S. Lincoln Street, next to the CV Starr Center. Open House 5-8pm...

supports the creative spirit of community... more important than ever in these challenging times! We are all part of the creative heart beat of Mendocino County!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Celebration of Creativity!

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Pablo Picasso

Step beyond the typical art exhibit to celebrate life long learning in the arts with
creative work by artists 5 to 85 years old! This lively exhibit includes
 graphic design, portraits, 
 art quilts,



All of us have a creative spark; those who reach out to cultivate and support this in others are to be honored. This exhibit brings together a diverse set of work to explore "art learning", with Teacher/Artists who share their talents at the heart of this special celebration.

Opening Artist reception is May 14th... 3 to 5pm is especially for families, 5 to 8pm with wine & edibles. Backroom Studio is on-going through the exhibit offering the chance to "stick a hand into art"... Day of the Word on May 21 will include poetry workshop and readings. Exhibit runs through Memorial Weekend. Historic Odd Fellows is at the corner of Kasten & Ukiah Streets in Mendocino Village, one block up from Main Street. For More Information: 937-2486.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

ART FROM BEYOND...April Exhibit

A rich and lively show by 15 artists from inland Mendocino County features assemblage, painting, ceramics, painted furniture, sculpture, photography and more is now at Open-Door-Arts @ Odd Fellows.

Susan Spencer organized this unique show even as she opened a new venture, The Beat Gallery in Ukiah.

Opening party is April 9th from 5-8pm. The exhibit is open daily except Tuesday from 11 to 5.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Whales in the Air...

Every year the Whale Migration draws thousands of visitors to the Mendocino Coast. March weather can be anything-- warm and sunny or pounding rain and hail, like today, and everything in between. Whatever the weather, community Whale Festival events provide opportunities for many activities inside and out. ART is always a wonderful part of a Mendocino visit, and the exhibit hosted by the Plein Air Painters of Mendocino is not to be missed! With work by 15 artists, the paintings and pastels take you to some of the most beautiful spots along the Coast and inland. These intrepid painters hike out with easels and supplies to capture these special vistas. Weekly, the group gathers "en plein air" together and each one captures the scene in their own special style and vision. Together, the group reveals special view of life on our Coast . The exhibit is open weekends through March 27 at historic Odd Fellows in Mendocino Village (corner of Kasten and Ukiah Streets). Hosted by the artists, take time to chat with the painters: they will share the love of this special art and perhaps, reveal stories of their adventures to capture that perfect scene.

Monday, 21 February 2011

SPACE & PLACE.. ART by Residency

Space and place are vital to art making...

The newest exhibit in the OPEN-DOOR-ARTS @ OddFellows' project begins with this premise. The diverse worked featured was created by Artists from far and near who are right now in working residency at the Mendocino Art Center.

Cast bronze sculpture, found sculpture, uniquely textured pots and other ceramics, blacksmith work, hand-crafted knives, dramatic paintings, and much, much more... Even an imaginative ceramic that seems to have melted in the fireplace...Fifteen artists who have found their way to here and now, to this place on the cliffs of the Mendocino headlands. It is all reflected in the work on display in the Coastal Expressions exhibit open 10-6, Thursday to Sunday through February 27th.

Closing weekend celebration includes the Nashville sounds of the Rose Knight Band on Saturday February 26th, brought together by Mendocino Stories. A special acoustic evening of music and dance celebrates the amazing creative spirit that resides here on the Mendocino Coast and finds its way into arts and hearts of all kinds! A Silent Art Auction begins at noon and the music party gets underway 6 til 10pm. Historic Odd Fellows hall is located at the corner of Kasten & Ukiah Streets, one block up from Main St. 937-2486

Monday, 14 February 2011

Whole from the Parts... A Learning Story

Redwood Mural is well on its way... stretching further than originally envisioned and promising to vividly fill Redwood Elementary School's MP Room. 90 ft x 5ft of canvas was used... 450 children (K to 2nd) set the patterned imagery of BUILDING BLOCKS OF LIFE, telling the "story of learning"... from simple shapes & basic colors to the complexities of relationships, nature, and the world-at-large. Initial results from 6 intense on-campus days of painting include 8 large and lively panels plus other special elements. Small groups, smocked for action, came in and intensely set to work... first drawing themselves and then undertaking a special painting task... with fun and story telling all along... Veteran Teacher Keith Wyner, popped in and out taking photos; plan for a DVD Slide Show. Already, Kathy Carl is seeing potential imagery for the ART CARD series.

NOW...Canvases are stretched out on the tarp covered floor of a commercial space in Ft Bragg. ...Franklin Street, next to the Post Office... The space is loaned with kind help of local Realtors & property owners. "My Grandchildren went to Redwood" says Barbara Clark, Century 21, who will cover utilities for Phase 2. Now it is my turn to move paintings to the final stage... Heightened color and density of pattern, accentuate flow, connectivity and relationship, and added details that bring a cohesive wholeness to the work. And carefully drop in WORDS that add to the "learning" story embedded in the piece.

On my hands & knees, I dive into each panel and lose myself in time, colors and patterns. I drag pans of colors and implements across the surface... Interesting to pattern with a lemon, adding "sunshine" and light to the Garden. Parsley adds a delicate feel and I love marks made by corn. Fun to play with a Popsicle stick, making "curved from straight", repeating lines radiating from other elements... Printing with leaves is always satisfying. I use techniques employed with the children. The approach is free flowing, yet careful to honor the children's work, and remember each group's activity that created the imagery I touch. My aim is to bring it all together and
make the WHOLE work together from all the marvelous pieces.

I am honored to be granted this amazing opportunity. "My Pattern" seems to be ...dream big, get things going, wonder how I got here and HOW to actually do this... and then... get completely carried away with the fun, excitement and challenge of making it all work! Thanks to the Community Foundation of Mendocino County for support of the AD ABRAMSON Grant that made this project take off! Thanks to the daring and imaginative leadership at Redwood Elementary, beginning with Principal Mary K. Champagne and Kindergarten Teacher Susan Joyer and by parents, teachers and staff ready to help make it happen! And special appreciation for the children who came in focused, enthusiastic and ready to dive in. They listened, shared, worked and had fun! It was pleasure working with each and every child!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

CREATIVITY IN SOUND... Not to be missed!

Creative spirits will soar as ERIC & SUZY THOMPSON take the stage of Little River Inn Music Series...Friday February 11th 7:30... The evening will benefit collaborative projects between FLOCKworks & Mendocino Coast Children's Fund. It also reflects FLOCKworks support for arts and creativity of all kinds...Tickets are $15 and available at Tangents in Ft Bragg, Out-of-This-World in Mendocino and at the Little River Inn.

Eric & Suzy's music is a unique acoustic blend of Cajun, bluegrass, country blues, old time, and much more...It will lift, inspire, tickle and get toes tapping! Their musical roots go very, very deep as Eric & Suzy give voice to the creative spirit at its best!

Mendocino is also "a second musical home" for Suzy & Eric--with many local friends & fans; MENDOCINO FILM FESTIVAL recently featured an ART Film with them and loved having them play live at the screening. This week, Suzy & Eric are here doing a mini-music camp with some budding local musicians. Called "Old Growth", this trio of players began music later-in-life (50 plus), meeting at LARK CAMP and the California Bluegrass Camp; they now host a regular jam, and have ventured out to open-mike at Caspar Community Center Pub Night. Eric & Suzy will help them learn glorious harmonies, fiddle up a storm and add hot guitar licks into their musical efforts.

All in all, this special evening will fan the creative spirit in all of us...Whether singing, playing, painting, sculpture, quilting, cooking or gardening, we believe that the magic of the ARTS comes from jumping in and letting your heart sing! Come join us!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Many Hands...Redwood Mural Project!

Redwood School in Ft Bragg is always lively with 450 children from kindergarten to second grade, but this week also includes 80 feet of canvas, a rainbow of acrylic paint, markers, salvaged shapes, odd materials, fruits and vegetables. With support of the AD Abramson Grant for Public Art through the Community Foundation of Mendocino County, this ambitious project will involve all 450 children in creating a permanent mural installation for the school’s Multi-purpose Cafeteria.

BUILDING BLOCKS OF LIFE is the theme, exploring a child’s learning from basic shapes like circles and triangles, to complex rhythms of earth, sea and sky and people’s relations to the world-at-large. The garden is “painted” with real fruits and vegetables; leaves, stamps, shells, string, toys, q-tips and other unusual elements help create the mural's story of life and learning!

Small groups of children come in a classroom transformed into an artist’s studio; they spend 20 minutes working with patterns, colors and shapes. Denise Vicars, Parent Club President, organized parent helpers who escort children in, get smocks on, stand back as kids paint and then get everyone clean and back to class. After two weeks on campus, Self will evolve the work laid down with the kids into the completed Mural installation.

Says Artist Janet Self, “The children come in focused, ready to jump right! We aren’t painting in familiar ways; instead of brushes, the mural’s garden is "planted” using carrots, apples or cabbages and a forest is made with leaves, branches or straws. Images are vivid and fun to see what these things “make”! “ Keith Wyner, a 35 year veteran teacher and avid photographer, pops in to photograph children-in-action for a project book; printed ART CARDS will add support for the school’s creative work.

FLOCKworks' brings creativity to schools, events and partners with many different groups in the community. This project captures all that: a Community Foundation grant, great school support, wonderful parents and creative fun with the kids. It celebrates life and learning in a great way!. The project is expected to be complete by March.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Garden, Community & ART Celebrated!

Stone Soup Community Garden of Safe Passage Family Resource Center in Fort Bragg is celebrated today, January 23rd! The Garden was created with the support of Noyo Food Forest and the Mendocino Coast Children's Fund. It is a learning garden for the families involved with Safe Passage.

A family lively event brings together music, dancing, soup tasting, garden talk and art; it is also an INTERCAMBIO, a language and cultural exchange between Spanish & English speakers. It weaves important strands of our community together into a unique, and beautiful blend.

FLOCKworks Banners come to play...trying out some fun ideas for
"paint tools" assortment of fruits, vegetables and plant stuff plus basic shapes like circles, triangle, rectangles, from recycled elements. We'll also play with Spanish and English "food and garden" words into the mix.

This art making will capture something of the day, recalling to those who were here the fun of the day and reflecting the collective energy that makes Safe Passage successful. The resulting banners will become part of the "decorative stock" of Safe Passage, installed in the garden, on fences and inside working spaces of the program.

FLOCKworks adds this unique "art play" as part of our collaborative commitment to community. Laura Welter, Executive for Safe Passage, asked "Can you come and how much will it cost?"
FLOCKworks "Surprise YES!"...means we bring it all...materials, experience, ideas and leadership....because we support this important thing you add to our community! No chasing funds, or finding the budget. "Yes, we would love to be there to help!". And thank you for including us!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Eric & Suzy Thompson bring their unique music to Little River Inn

FEBRUARY 11, 7:30pm Concert... Get ready for a great evening of music with Eric and Suzy Thompson & their unique acoustic blend of Cajun, blue grass, old time, blues and...more.

Eric & Suzy play old weird music from the American South, at the intersection of Cajun, country blues and Appalachian – warped fiddle tunes in odd tunings, cinematic ballads, hot flatpicking on guitar and mandolin, prewar blues songs, Cajun dance, and the occasional kalamatiano. They use all sorts of instruments – fiddle, guitar and mandolin, plus 10-stringed cuatro from Puerto Rico and the one-row Cajun button accordion. Eric’s new CD, Kleptograss, is a multi-cultural romp with all-stars Jody Stecher and Scott Nygaard. Suzy’s latest is a duet CD with resonator guitar and uke goddess Del Rey; Suzy was featured on “Geoff Muldaur & the Texas Sheiks”. Other bands include: California Cajun Orchestra, Bluegrass Intentions, Todalo Shakers, Blue Flame String Band, Any Old Time (Suzy) and Black Mountain Boys (Eric.),

Eric and Suzy performed live at the Mendocino Film Festival '09 and have many great friends & fans on the Mendocino Coast.

Little River Inn will host this musical event in the Abalone Room, Friday February 11th @ 7:30 pm. TICKETS are $15 and are available at Out of this World in Mendocino & Tangents, Fort Bragg or by calling the Little River Inn, 937-5942.

This special evening is bought to you by FLOCKworks OPEN-DOOR-ARTS and will benefit our Collaboration projects with Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Creative Threads of a New Year!

First week of this creative new year...
And this is only the 1st week of the year!