Sunday, 23 January 2011

Garden, Community & ART Celebrated!

Stone Soup Community Garden of Safe Passage Family Resource Center in Fort Bragg is celebrated today, January 23rd! The Garden was created with the support of Noyo Food Forest and the Mendocino Coast Children's Fund. It is a learning garden for the families involved with Safe Passage.

A family lively event brings together music, dancing, soup tasting, garden talk and art; it is also an INTERCAMBIO, a language and cultural exchange between Spanish & English speakers. It weaves important strands of our community together into a unique, and beautiful blend.

FLOCKworks Banners come to play...trying out some fun ideas for
"paint tools" assortment of fruits, vegetables and plant stuff plus basic shapes like circles, triangle, rectangles, from recycled elements. We'll also play with Spanish and English "food and garden" words into the mix.

This art making will capture something of the day, recalling to those who were here the fun of the day and reflecting the collective energy that makes Safe Passage successful. The resulting banners will become part of the "decorative stock" of Safe Passage, installed in the garden, on fences and inside working spaces of the program.

FLOCKworks adds this unique "art play" as part of our collaborative commitment to community. Laura Welter, Executive for Safe Passage, asked "Can you come and how much will it cost?"
FLOCKworks "Surprise YES!"...means we bring it all...materials, experience, ideas and leadership....because we support this important thing you add to our community! No chasing funds, or finding the budget. "Yes, we would love to be there to help!". And thank you for including us!

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