Friday, 14 October 2011

HANDS TO THE FUTURE...Children's Art Installation

"Hands to the Future"... is a unique installation that includes 1,037 hands made by over 500 children from 10 schools on the Mendocino Coast. Beginning from the earliest roots of human art making on cave walls, each child traced their hand and created a unique design in the space of their hand. These cut-out hands go up the stairway and into the main upstairs gallery of the Odd Fellows hall, reach up to the arched ceiling, swarm over one main wall and surround another installation called the WEB of Remembrance. As a whole the hands convey the lively creativity of our children; individually, each hand is a small work of art. The installation aims to remind that the future belongs in the hands of our children and will need their creative spirit to face the challenges ahead.

Hands to the Future is part of FLOCKworks Open Door Arts project at Odd Fellows in Mendocino Village. The current exhibit, SOULFUL REMEMBERING, overall includes the work of nearly 700 people from Treasure Boxes of Remembrance, Story Quilts, Assemblage work, and other array of unique art by local artists; several hands-on-art elements draw the visitor right into the process. Day of the Dead is celebrated with a special installation of colorful Altars and includes a learning space about the traditions and symbols for the Day of the Dead. The exhibit runs through November 1 and is a part of the Mendocino Coast Day of the Dead celebration.