Monday, 29 April 2013

Earth Day Celebration Mural!

Now, the first thing you'll see when visiting Noyo Food Forest's Learning Garden will be our newest community Mural. Begun on Saturday at the 2013 Earth Day celebration, over 100 children of all ages added their interest, and creative energies to the project.  All the worms, insects, roly-polies, ants and other creatures among the roots make the soil rich for an abundant garden. It was a perfect day!

Our Food Forest Mural is also part of the NFF's Garden-Within-Reach Project on Kickstarter. The project makes the Gardens accessible to all.  With  your pledge of $25 & above, your name will be incorporated into the final elements of this special Mural.  Right now, the project has pledges for 70% of their $6,000 goal with another 20 days to go! Join us and let me add your name into the magic of our mural.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Earth Day at Noyo Food Forest

EARTH DAY celebration is this Saturday April 27th at Noyo Food Forest  Come enjoy a beautiful afternoon of music, food, plant sale, goats, gardens, seminars and more... And if you've never been to the Learning Garden, just come see these beautiful gardens...Up next to Ft Bragg High School.  

We'll be there creating a new hands-on mural.  For the past three years, we celebrate Earth Day by organizing an open painting project that adds to visual field at the Gardens
In 2010 when the water Cachement system was installed, the large black tank was transformed: water, fish, sun,  bamboo, birds, and rolling hills all emerged in course of a playful day with over 100 participants.  

In 2011, the shed wall became another garden story... oak tree, sunflowers, fields, carrots and rolling hills.  

Last year, our mural was painted with fruits, vegetables, leaves and other plant material. We explored the seasons... emerging colors of spring, vibrancy of summer and bounty of the fall harvest. 

This year, our Earth Day Mural will explore the concept of food forest.  From the canopy of the tallest trees to deep in the soil, we'll play with the different levels of the garden. 

Please join us!