Thursday, 14 August 2008

FLOCKworks... What is it?

FLOCKworks is an idea and expression of creativity... It is also a local nonprofit aimed to support, sustain and enhance the creative spirit of the Mendocino Coast Community.

It is about keeping the Mendocino Spirit Alive!

Artists, musicians, writers, poets, singers, actors, gardners, wood workers, chefs, healers, innkeepers, shopkeepers, & "flower children of all kinds" flocked to the Mendocino Coast since the 1960s, setting a culture of creative pursuit & tolerance.

The result is an intact 1800s village, ancient stands of redwoods, crashing surf on open public lands and a special way of life. Our community is a landmark that shows if you DREAM BIG & FOLLOW PASSIONS, incredible things can happen.

This Spirit still rings true today. When people here talk about their lives, the story is of passions, hopes, friends, connections and creative endeavors to make a good life...And people get involved here to make things happen.

FLOCKworks honors this legacy of creative pursuit & tolerance and aims to fan the flames that will sustain it at the heart of our community!