Friday, 5 August 2011


Honoring important memories is at the heart of the “Treasure Boxes of Remembrance” project kicking off this month. Hundreds of wooden cigar boxes are available to be transformed into a shrine, alter or memory box. Boxes will be shared in a community Remembrance installation during the October Exhibit at Odd Fellows; they can also be part of the Day of the Dead weekend in Fort Bragg. This Treasure Box, "FLY AWAY..." is by Inga Peterson

Boxes are available at Racine’s in Ft Bragg, and historic Odd Fellows in Mendocino; $5 contribution per box is requested.

Last year, about 150 boxes went out and over 65 Treasure Boxes became part of community “Remembrance” celebrations. Says organizer Self "We were amazed by the interest and even more, by the beautiful and personal Boxes people created and shared. Some were extraordinarily moving; they let someone come to grips with recent loss of a loved ones. Others created real family treasures, incorporating “heirlooms”, special photos and more, while other boxes were simply charming or playful memories. A set of beautiful Art Boxes that honored the exhibit’s theme were available for sale; most were very personal keepsakes. All in all, this Treasure box installation created a compelling experience for visitors and was a beautiful expression of our community.”
The Treasure Boxes of Remembrance will be a part of the SOULFUL REMEMBRANCE Exhibit, October Open Door Arts @ Odd Fellows and will be part of the Day of the Dead weekend at the end of October in Ft Bragg.

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