Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Art Changes Place...

GROW WITH DUNBAR...is the new Mural at Dunbar School near Sonoma. 30 feet of shared fun was created by painting with 250 children k-5. The four day on-site process led by FLOCKworks Artist Janet Self was a school wide celebration with everyone --children, parents, teachers and staff-- enjoying the unfolding painting.  
Team of boys add tiny people under the bench.

Inspired by painter Georgia O'Keeffe, the concept turned scale on its head with eight giant flowers and tiny "ant-sized" people.  A field of flowers wraps the entire design.  Photos and samples of real flowers provided focus, while the children's  creative imagination gave a lively richness to the work. 

The project was supported with funds from  Sonoma Plein Air Foundation .  The school's Art Teacher Beth Beirmann organized the project, which involved small groups of children coming to share in the work on the mural.  The Mural adds a new spirit right at the center of the school.
Art Teacher, Beth Biermann, organized the kids & classes and worked hand & hand through out the project 
Just outside the Library and edging the playground, the Mural is at one of the busiest places in the school.  

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