Friday, 10 May 2013

ARTFUL ABCs...Bid for Creative Community

Lisa Orselli explores "A" in encaustic
"B" with Buttons from Joanna Wigginton
Karen Bowers "C" for City collage

Artful ABCs features the work of 26 Mendocino Artist; each explored a Letter in a delightful 10" x 10" panel ...oil, acrylic, needlepoint, photo transfer, en-caustic, print, collage, and mixed media. Each beautiful small piece of art has a starting bid of $50 with proceeds to benefit FLOCKworks. It will help support the Odd Fellows series and hands-on art in schools and community. Part of the current Exhibit "Exploring the Art of letter, word & book"...Odd Fellows open daily 10:30-5:00 thru Memorial Weekend.

Deb Lennox loves Daisies
Sunshine Taylor's famous Flowers
Ian Aames subtle "E"
Linda Shearin's  wave for "W"

Steven Bates "V" for Victory in pierced copper.

Ellen Witherite play on "U".

"Y" Knot, with Thousand french knots from Becky Deerwater
"X" marks the spot by Janet Self

Jessica Jade Norris "Z" in print and collage

JoAnne Abrue en-caustic "L" for leaves

Nancy Chinn's "N"

Maureen Peterson "O" for Octopus.

Julie Higgins brings us "I".

Robert Rhoades explores the "R"

John Fisher brings us M for mother
Q means Quack from Carol Greenberg

Suzi Marquess Long's "S" curve

David Cross bring "T" to the shore

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