Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Quiet @ Odd Fellows

For over 6 years, monthly exhibits have filled the historic Odd Fellows with local arts of all kinds...Over 2,500 adults and 3,000 children have been part of this unique community art series. Locals and visitors come out to see what's up, opening parties are lively and fun, and the art is rich and diverse. Artists themselves host the exhibits, giving a glimpse of creative passion and a different experience of art itself.    

This month, December, the space sits quiet.  No group asked to use the space and so it sits...waiting for the 2013 year to begin.

FLOCKworks opens the doors January 12th to celebrate our 6 years "supporting the creative spirit of community".  During this incredible 6 years, we have fostered use of this amazing space in this OPEN DOOR ARTS series, creatively worked with children, teachers and organizations in hands-on art, banner and mural making,  and collaboratively engaged with others in addressing important themes in our community.  Artists friends will join us with their work, STONE SOUP bowls will be gathering and art work with children will be shared.   We will even have some films to share during this special month!  (Weekends only).  We look forward to seeing you!

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