Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Open Door Arts...Continues at Odd Fellows

WHAT HAPPENED?  No Exhibit in August! ... I heard this concern from people all evening long on 2nd Saturday Art Night...
No worries...Just a month off when a few things fell out. And Labor Day Weekend will kick off the next exhibit as our community artist-led series continues.  

Each month, a unique exhibit is organized.  It requires leadership, time and energy... and typically, one person takes the lead, pulling together a group of art makers with enough work and interest to fill this amazing, beautiful space. The group shares the responsibility to set-up, hang, promote and host the show. Some exhibits are put together by a group of friends, while others are well established groups like Plein Air Painters of Mendocino.  Some exhibits have a strong central theme, while others are simply great work brought together for one show.  

The Series focuses on local arts & artists, providing a monthly celebration community art-making.  Locals and visitors alike come out for these exhibits, knowing that each show will be unique and the artists themselves will be there hosting the work.  FLOCKworks facilitates the series, working with the owner of the building to make it all work.  We organize 2-3 exhibits each year and we provide support for all the other groups that show in the space.  To date, more than 3,000 adults and 3,000 children have shared their art in the Open Door Arts @ Odd Fellows series; over 14,000 visitors from all over attend each year. Odd Fellows has been a cornerstone of the community art scene now for over 6 years and as all goes well, it will continue!

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