Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hearts & Glitter everywhere...

Children's Hearts from 12 schools and 50 classes made by about 1,200 children from all down the Coast gathered at my house this week.  Every one is unique and each group adds up to 'small wonder'.  Put them altogether, and it is a Children's symphony of love and happiness!

Yesterday, glitter spread from couch, to floor, to studio, to me... and everywhere else; about 1/3 of the Hearts had a lively sprinkling.  These Children's Heart...with drawings, paintings, patterning, and embellishments, are beautiful.  From the simplest single colored heart, to the detailed portraits the literally Pop from the page, each heart captured my full attention as I strung each "class of hearts" together.  Now, all are ready.

Today, I wrapped yarn around and around the "trees", exploring and inventing ways to extend the possibilities for hanging all these 1,200+ hearts.  An Artful Whole is the final task.  

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