Friday, 7 September 2012


“WE THE PEOPLE” project combines individual expression with what it means to be part of community. This month, local children transform hollow eggs into personal ʻcharactersʼ to represent themselves and identify values that help people get along together...values like honesty, kindness, tolerance and fairness. “Egg people” will gather for installation as part of the October Art Exhibit at Odd Fellows in Mendocino.   With 750 children involved so far, WE NEED MORE EGGS!  Can you help?
1. Use a sturdy safety pin, awl or needle
It is simple to blow out an egg...I blow them out rather than crack them, when I cook with eggs.  Here is how to do it!...

2. Hold the egg steady.  Poke on small hole at the end

3. Turn the egg around and poke the other end, making this hole bigger by breaking out some shell in a circle...

4. Put your mouth over the small end and blow steady... hold the egg over a bowl... the air pressure makes the egg squeeze
out the bigger hole.
Run water over the big hole, and blow out once more to clean the inside.  A
gentle rinse, let them dry and they are ready to use.    THEN DROP YOUR EGG CONTRIBUTIONS OFF in OUR COLLECTION BASKET AT RACINES in Ft Bragg on Franklin Street... 

Find your inner child...You are invited to make your own "EGG PERSON" to add to the installation... email us for more specifics:


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