Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Soccer, kids & Art!

Photo by Keith Wyner
COAST YOUTH SOCCER KICKED off with 350 children ages 4 to 14 playing on 33 teams.  Every Saturday, all day long, families gather to cheer their kids on and visit with friends.

On the chain link fences, 33 kid-made banners surround the playing fields, recognizing community sponsors and celebrating the weekly gathering of kid-focused energy.

FLOCKworks' Banner making was part of opening day. Each team came through the banner making station and 7th grade students from Ft Bragg Middle School's AVID class worked tirelessly to make the process fun and flow quickly for all the kids.
Parents and coaches helped things run smoothly and everyone had a great time.

After the work on the fields,more days were needed to complete the set, include sponsor names and get them ready to fly.   Colorful banners spread from one end of the yard to the other!

The banners are unique, kid-made, full of energy and reflect the best of community. End of the season, Sponsors get a colorful reminder of the importance of their support!    

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