Sunday, 2 September 2012

Egg & Imagination

And the "people" begin to gather...
“WE THE PEOPLE” project combines creative individual expression with thoughtful reflection on what it means to be part of a community.  It is inspired by simple truth...”Treat others as you would like to be treated”, an ethical guide found in teachings world wide ...and further supported by modern research on the positive impact of altruism, compassion and connection to community.

It draws on the innocence of children to remind us that values like honesty, kindness, tolerance and fairness, are cornerstones for a just and sustainable world.  

Beginning with the simplicity of an egg, the project creatively balances our common origins and our unique individuality.  The idea is simple: readily accessible materials, do-able project and the collective impact of many into a creative whole.  Each child makes a “character” from a blown egg to represent themselves and identifies a “value” that helps people get along together.  All the "egg people" gather to be part of an installation in the upcoming Art Exhibit at Odd Fellows in Mendocino.

With support of teachers, after school providers, parents or others, children and youth can readily join in the project.  So far, about 600 children and 8 schools are involved with more to come!

And the DOOR IS OPEN... Anyone, any age is welcome to represent themselves and their key values.  On a simple blown egg, create a portrait, symbolic image or another creation...State your value and bring it on in. 

"Egg people" should arrive to FLOCKworks by October 1. for more information. 

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